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At Seeq, our mission is to help modernize the future of manufacturing. We know operational data is crucial. We also know it’s complex and sometimes frustrating. The good news is that we can help you access and analyze your time series data and use it to develop insights that will result in gains in operational excellence—and supercharge your sustainability programs.

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Large-scale training

Empower your whole company at once. We offer comprehensive large-scale training rollout support, including an actionable guide detailing governance & project management, delivery & tracking, internally-led awareness campaigns, training internal resources, and of course, training SMEs at scale.

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Learning Center

Our training exercises are role-specific, hands-on, industry-relevant, and designed with the help of neuroscience and user data, so you can start performing analytics on your own data as fast as possible. Trainings are led by process-engineer SMEs with expertise in advanced analytics


Master and teach analytics through the Certified Analytics Engineer and Certified Instructor tracks we’ve created for select participants.

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We offer a variety of training options, from hands-on eLearning to instructor-led courses, across time zones and in a variety of languages, on a schedule that works for you.

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