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Cut down the time you spend on time series data.

You know there is important information buried in all that time series data being collected, if only you had a lifetime (or three) to sift through it. And it just keeps coming. So, you do what you can, and end up buried in spreadsheets, instead of doing the important work of actually interpreting what it all means and how to act on it. Not to mention figuring out how to share and explain your findings to your colleagues and management.

Solve problems faster.

Seeq helps you efficiently access and analyze all your time series data, so you can spend more time having the those “aha” moments that help you solve problems and lead to quicker decision making. Now, a process that used to take days, weeks, even months, takes hours instead. And to top it off, Seeq can deliver your data in a way that makes it easy to understand and collaborate across your organization.

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navigate data
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Gather insights in
hours, not months
Seamlessly collaborate
across teams
You're in good company

Before having access to Seeq, visualizing data was much more difficult. It was very static....Since having Seeq, I can build concepts and embed links to different things I want to look at or show people to make a point. When they ask follow up questions, I can then pull in additional information and look at different time frames. I can do all of this within the course of a meeting and that way we can leave the meeting with much fewer questions and much closer to a decision.

Evan Yendell, Basic Chemical Principal Engineer

So much data, so little time

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