How the mining, metals & materials industries are mining their data for insight.

The demand for cleaner energy sources to meet net zero goals, which requires a doubling of base metals output in the coming years, has spurred a significant transformation across the mining, metals and materials industries. We know success requires managing variability in every aspect of your business. Seeq advanced analytics can lead to insights that can increase uptime, yield and efficiency, ensure operational safety, decrease environmental impact, and make it easier to positively impact the surrounding community.

We’re partnering with the best

6 of 10
of the largest mining and metals
companies use Seeq
total hours of Seeq usage
by mining and metals customers

Some of the ways Seeq can help

Drive to Net Zero
Automate reporting
Reduce consumption & waste
Optimize processes
Predict and mitigate excursions
Increase Margin
Reduce downtime
Extend equipment life
Lower maintenance cost

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