Seeq + chemical manufacturing = great chemistry.

In an industry where regulations, energy costs and access to raw materials are constantly changing, you need some help to stay ahead of the curve. Seeq can help address the unique needs of chemical manufacturing—like quality modeling, yield optimization, cycle time reduction and predictive maintenance, so your organization can be more profitable, efficient and sustainable.

We’re partnering with the best

3 of 5
Top 5 global petrochemical
companies use Seeq
8 of 10
Top US chemicals
companies use Seeq

Key Value Drivers

Foster growth
Reduce batch cycle times
Increase yield
Reduce process variation
Lower the cost of quality
Reduce scope 1-3 emissions
Lower consumption
Drive to Net Zero

Distillation Column
Soft Sensor Modeling

Raw Materials ↓6%
CO2 Emissions ↓3%

Nutrient Prediction
for High Yield
+ 4 Hours Reaction Time
+ $3.6M Margin / Year

We've got chemistry with the chemicals sector

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