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Let’s get data science and OT on the same page.

It’s always been challenging for Data Scientists to work with the complex, operational data and insights-generated engineers. This is partly because of the nature of the data itself, but it’s also because, for all intents and purposes, Data Scientists and OT Engineers live in different worlds— and that makes it harder for you to model accurate scenarios that might help an organization better navigate the future.

See your data in a brand new way.

As a Data Scientist, Seeq can give you access to OT data that has been cleansed, contextualized and prioritized by the operational team. Data, implications and recommendations are served up in easy to read reports with user-friendly visualizations. Seeq seamlessly integrates your favorite tools, like Python libraries and R scripting —making it easier for you to create more accurate data models that lead to more effective and productive contributions to your organization. Seeq can also help make collaboration between your department, Engineers and Plant Managers more productive.

Quick glance at how we help the Data Scientist

Use any ML algorithm
- yours, ours, or theirs
Saves up to 90% of
data acquisition time
Enables collaboration
with the OT SME
You're in good company

Seeq's enterprise self-service solution helped us build a common analysis platform that we can share with many organizations, teams, or franchises. Focusing on similar problems or challenges across different sites and sharing the results with each other is beneficial and brings a lot of value to the organization.

Data Science Manager
Global Chemical Company

So much data, so little time

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