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Is there an OT solution that isn’t an IT nightmare?

Here’s the opportunity - you have a ton of OT data that can drive big wins for your company - but legacy methods for accessing and analyzing this data are inefficient and cumbersome. You’ve invested in digitizing your operational assets, now it is time to capture some results, but you can’t take on an IT intensive effort to get started. With Seeq, you don't have to.

Rapid deployment, adoption, and insights. Rapid pats on the back.

Seeq is purpose-built for the complexities of industrial time series data, creating an easy connection between crucial operational data and your experts - a connection that allows those experts to unlock valuable insights that fuel innovation, operational excellence, and improved profitability. Most importantly, Seeq integrates seamlessly with your existing OT and IT tech stack without the major effort - letting your team focus on the insights, not the integration.

Quick glance at how we help the IT Professional

No need to
centralize data
software integration
Integration with
variety of workflows
Compliant to
regulatory standards
You're in good company

Really the power of Seeq is not only can I do [the calculation] in real time for that specific event but I can go back six months, a year, two years and identify any of these events that happened in the past to really validate the alert I'm creating. That's pretty powerful and something I haven't been able to do in the past. I can, in seconds, go check this event I have created and see if it correlates with events in the past and thats the power of really developing that seamless user experience with our business users.

Mark Betts, IT Manager
Marathon Oil

So much data, so little time

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