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What is Seeq?

Browser-based Apps for data analytics
From the end-user perspective, Seeq consists of three HTML5 browser-based applications

  • Workbench (analytics tools)
  • Organizer (auto-updating reports/dashboards)
  • Data Lab (deploy Python scripts)

all connected by Seeq Cortex (the Seeq Server).
The Seeq Server includes an embedded database, indexing engine, calculation engine, and a webserver that can be configured for HTTP or HTTPS. All of these components are installed as a self-contained unit.

Run Seeq as SaaS (preferred) or on-prem.

Install/Set Up

Seeq deployment is simple, flexible, and scalable, whether Seeq is hosted by Seeq in the cloud (preferred), installed on premise, or in a mixed environment.

Connect to Data

Seeq connects to and reads data from a variety of historians & data sources, without copying or duplicating data, via Data Connectors established on the main Seeq server or Remote Agent(s).

Run multiple agents/connectors on different machines in order to accommodate network security models.

Security, Authentication, & Permissions

Seeq features SSL / TLS encryption for all connections, and authentication against a built-in database and/or enterprise directories via the LDAP, Windows Authentication, or Open ID Connect connectors. All of these options are compatible with Microsoft Active Directory.

Seeq is AICPA SOC2 Type II compliant.

Troubleshooting & Support

Check out our Support Portal for the knowledge base, ticket submission, and more.

The IT/Admin training provides fast skill-up around installation, user & data management, and more, with the goal of enabling admins to answer basic questions for their users.

What's Next

Hands-on Training

  • Quickly learn skills useful for your role
  • Hands-on, industry-relevant exercises
  • Certifications

How to Access Training

  1. Get Branch Code* (from Seeq home screen or your admin)
  2. Click “Register” on
  3. Choose your role

Browse resources on

Visit for the Knowledge Base, Videos, Forum, Office Hours, and more.
Also accessible through your Seeq Homescreen.

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