Brian Parsonnet, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Seeq Corporation, presented to attendees of the Emerson Exchange user conference this week at the largest ever gathering of Emerson customers, partners, and employees. 

Parsonnet was a speaker in “The Science and Application of Big Data in Process Control,” which also featured Mark Nixon, Lead Architect at Emerson Process Management, and Lara Rubbleke, Technical Architect, from Microsoft Corporation.

The presentation began by recognizing the skyrocketing amount of data being collected, such that a typical manufacturing site can easily generate several terabytes of data per year, and then discussed how big data technologies could be used for performing fault detection and predicting future outcomes.  Specific attention was given to the importance of the ordering and organizing of data to take the pain and effort out of user-driven analyses.  In contrast to other offerings, which aim to eliminate or circumvent the user through the use of smart algorithms, Seeq believes that technology innovations which empower users to leverage their ideas will lead to the highest value, lowest cost analytics.

Seeq was also referenced in several other presentations as an Emerson partner in big data innovation. Big data technologies are a core component that Seeq is building upon to enable engineers and organizations to accelerate analytics on industrial process data.

Parsonnet joined Seeq as CTO from an advisor role in July of this year.  Prior to joining Seeq, Parsonnet served as CTO and Co-founder of Ice Energy. He also enjoyed a long career at Honeywell, holding a variety of leadership roles in product definition and strategy for the Industrial Automation and Controls division, and was formerly VP Technology for Honeywell Loveland.

About Seeq Corporation

Founded in 2013, Seeq publishes software applications for manufacturing organizations to rapidly find and share data insights. Oil & gaspharmaceuticalspecialty chemicalutilityrenewable energy and numerous other vertical industries rely on Seeq to improve production outcomes, including yield, margins, quality, and safety. Headquartered in Seattle, Seeq is a privately held virtual company with employees across the United States and sales representation in Asia, Canada, Europe, and South America. 

About Emerson Process Management

Emerson Process Management is a leader in helping businesses automate their production, processing and distribution facilities in key industries.  Emerson is based in St. Louis, Missouri, and has over 17,000 employees.