Seeq includes extensive support for Microsoft products, platforms, and APIs, whether customers are using those product on premise or in the Azure cloud.

Seeq serves Microsoft customers in virtually every process manufacturing industry—including oil & gas to utilities, pharmaceutical, power generation, and others—and are building support for key Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployments such as remote asset monitoring and edge computing.

Specific examples of integration include:

  • Seeq Server runs as a service on Windows Server, either on premise, or on Azure, and Seeq Workbench may be run in Internet Explorer (v or later) or Microsoft Edge
  • Seeq supports Active Directory APIs for managing user access and permissions
  • Seeq can access process historian data on Windows Server and Microsoft Azure
  • Seeq supports Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Excel CSV files for easy contextualization of historian data
  • Engineers using Seeq may export data sets, one off or continuously, to Microsoft Excel, or to Microsoft Power BI via OData



We're excited to see Seeq support for Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Excel, and the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. This integration will enable engineers to find valuable insights in industrial plants and IIoT deployments.

– Kim Akers, Corporate Vice President, Partner Organization at Microsoft Corporation