Emerson Electric is one of Seeq’s earliest partners and since 2014 Seeq has expanded its support for several of Emerson’s offerings beyond the DeltaV distributed control system.

Currently Seeq offers integration with the Emerson Ovation DCS, Emerson Asset Management System (AMS), and with Fisher Valve ValveLink data. These systems may be connected individually, or in combination so customers may seek insights across their DCS, asset management, and other systems at the same time. With Seeq support for SQL Server, MySQL, and other relational data source (contact us for the latest information), Emerson customers are able to easily access and investigate issues across their entire production environment.

The result of the Seeq integration with Emerson products is that users—in the pharmaceuticaloil & gasutility, and chemical industries –get more value from the data they have in their process historians and other systems.

For example, Seeq was used at a pharmaceutical company to integrate lab data from offline analytical devices with the process data from a DeltaV Continuous Historian. In addition, Seeq added batch context so that the growth of the cells could be compared across different vessel scales to find production issues. The result was more insight and value from Emerson’s DeltaV DCS.

Seeq and Emerson Partnership
“The opportunity for analytics in industrial plants is promising. 
We're excited to work with Seeq as an early user of their technology, and in proving out the results.”

– Peter Zornio, Chief Strategic Officer for Emerson Process Management