For the insights behind the insights.

With Data Lab, both Engineers and Data Scientists have access to Python algorithms and libraries. For Engineers who haven’t had access to machine learning before, your analytics are about to expand exponentially. Data Scientists can use Data Lab to accelerate and enrich their insights using new (Seeq inspired) analytics. The result? Everyone can collaborate seamlessly to do more.

Seeq Data Lab

  • Browser-based SaaS application
  • Jupyter notebook
  • Seeq/Python (SPy) library
  • Scale functions en masse
  • Implement Python libraries in Jupyter
  • Create custom visualizations
  • Deploy tools and visualizations
  • Apply ML algorithms (Ours, yours, or theirs)
  • Access data from other Python libraries
  • Schedule complex analyses and jobs
  • Create and share calculations
  • Streamline monitoring workflows

Data Lab + Seeq AI Assistant =
New Possibilities

In the Data Lab App, the Seeq AI Assistant is ready to help you tackle just about anything you need to advance your quest for operational excellence. No matter your level of expertise with Python, there's something for you - code generation, execution, debugging, and even explanation of how the code works.

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You're in good company

Seeq gave Syngenta good business value with improved process visibility and improved workflow, environmental yield, quality and processes. It gave Syngenta the visibility to be more proactive and take action for the future.

Principal Data Scientist

We put the "duh" in deployment.

Deployment is a cinch with Seeq Saas. We make it so easy, you might not even need our help—but we’re standing by anyway, just in case you need us.

Deployment Options

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