Executive Team

Steve Sliwa

CEO & Founder

Steve leads our customer focused, lean start-up that is changing the way industry uses industrial process data.

Brian Parsonnet

CTO & Founder

Brian expertly guides Seeq's vision for product strategy and intellectual property.

Jon Peterson

Senior VP of Product & Customers

A co-Founder of Seeq, Jon creates harmony between customer requirements and product development.

Mark Derbecker

VP of Engineering

A co-Founder of Seeq, Mark leads our stellar development team as they develop extremely good software.

Michael Risse


A co-founder of Seeq, Michael is Seeq's resident champion for emerging applications for industrial process analytics.

Tammy Martin


Tammy leads the company’s worldwide financial and accounting operations, including investor relations.

Dr. Lisa Graham

VP of Analytics Engineering

Lisa leads our Analytics Engineering team and is a registered professional chemical engineer (P.E.).


Tabitha Colie

Director of Operations

Tabitha keeps the operations of the company running smoothly.

Amy Hayes

Senior Accountant

Amy implements systems that ensure Seeq's financials are accurate and meaningful.

Connor Waldo

Productivity Systems Administrator

Connor administers Seeq’s back-end information systems.

Development Team

Dustin Johnson

Principal Software Architect

Dustin spends most of his time ensuring that Seeq's products are flexible, powerful, and approachable.

Corinne Ilvedson

Principal Software Engineer

Corinne plays around with Java and graph databases, and thinks she has the best job ever.

Mike Daly

Principal Software Engineer

Mike applies his years of software development experience to make his products - and his job - fun.

Stefanie Moses

Principal Software Engineer

Stefanie brings her years of experience as a User Interface developer to solve a new problem.

Austin Sharp

Principal Software Engineer

Austin applies his abundant energy to ensuring the performance, extensibility, and delightfulness of Seeq’s software.

Bryan Zimmerman

Principal Software Engineer

Bryan enjoys working with a great team to develop high quality software.

Birgit Martinelle

Principal Software Engineer

Birgit is passionate about writing great code, cooking excellent food, and sewing.

Jason Rust

Principal Software Engineer

Jason gets jazzed when he’s working with a great team to create beautiful solutions to hard problems.

Stephen Rosenthal

Principal Software Engineer

Stephen enjoys creating software to solve practical problems.

Nikhila Albert

Principal Software Engineer

Nikhila loves working on software that helps people.

Dakota Kanner

Software Engineer

Dak is eager to program Seeq to be the best way to answer complex questions.

Ben Johnson

Principal Software Engineer

Ben loves to build software that makes people more efficient at work.

Steffen Furholm

Principal Software Engineer

Steffen brings a versatile and thorough approach to his work.

Cody Ray Hoeft

Software Engineer

Cody Ray takes delight in creating elegant software to answer big questions.

Jedidiah Phillips

Software Engineer

Jedidiah enjoys tackling difficult problems to make meaningful contributions.

Megan Twyver

Principal Quality Engineer

Megan really likes to test software.

Valeriy Vislobokov

Systems Reliability Engineer

Valeriy improves and automates the software development workflow at Seeq.

Nathaniel Colson

Software Quality Engineer

Nathaniel is passionate about using automated tests to improve software quality.

Mike Cantrell

Systems Reliability Engineer

Mike enjoys discovering ways to help the Engineering team at Seeq to develop a more robust tool.

Dave Harlan

Software Engineer

Dave likes solving complex problems to make an impact for users.

Jenny LaPierre

Software Engineer

Jenny likes solving problems that allow her to try new things and learn from the experience.

Elise Lebeau

Principal Quality Engineer

Elise likes to inspire love stories that involve great user experiences.

Jim Murphy

Software Support Engineer

Jim is energized by solving unique and novel problems that unlock value for customers.

Jennifer Tou

Software Support Engineer

Jennifer enjoys creating a great customer service experience.

Steve Oxley

Principal Software Engineer

Steve started his professional career as a developer at a consulting firm located in Chicago that made customizations to Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Spencer Tipping

Principal Software Engineer

Spencer likes tackling problems that require outside-the-box solutions.

Application Development

Edgar Hilton

Principal Software Engineer

Edgar applies his lifelong passion for software development to Seeq's products.

James DeMarco

Analytics Engineer

James has a passion for solving problems creatively and efficiently.

Dave Robinson

Program Manager

Dave sees Seeq as a tool of insight for just about everyone—an intuitive, easy to use companion to the individuals and teams closest to the challenge.

Analytics Engineering

Shamus Cunningham

Applications Engineer

Shamus helps customers interact with their data in intuitive new ways that inspire deeper exploration and continuous improvement.

Brian Crandall

Analytics Engineer

Brian’s passion is collaborating with and empowering Seeq customers.

Karen Webster

Analytics Engineer

Karen is passionate about empowering process engineers to bridge the big data gap with Seeq.

Joanna Zinsli

Analytics Engineer

Joanna helps improve customer workflows and drive decisions with efficient data analysis.

Sanman Mehta

Analytics Engineer

Sanman helps customers unlock potential and create value from process data.

Krista Novstrup

Analytics Engineer

Krista delights in helping customers efficiently gain value from their process data.

Christopher Chin

Analytics Engineer

Christopher enjoys collaborating with customers to convert process data into practical, productive and insightful solutions.  

Desiree Evans

Analytics Engineer

Desiree leads software training development to help customers efficiently gain value from Seeq.

Michelle Hart

Analytics Engineer

Michelle helps people become acquainted with Seeq in order to make their work more efficient.

Teddy Turfitt

Analytics Engineer

Teddy brings useful data analytics tools to engineers looking at process data.

Graham McHardy

Analytics Engineer

Graham lives in the Scottish capital city, Edinburgh, but has moved around including living several years in England and France, accompanied by his wife and three sons.

Prithvi Vijayamohan

Analytics Engineer

Prithvi (Pri) joins us after completing graduate school for a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

Alberto Rivas

Analytics Engineer

Alberto is passionate about solving engineering problems creatively.

Joseph DiSantis

Analytics Engineer

Joseph absolutely loves applying innovative data-driven solutions to industrial-sized problems.

Kristopher Wiggins

Associate Analytics Engineer

Kris is interested in utilizing software to employ more innovative and efficient practices.

Lindsey Wilcox

Analytics Engineer

Lindsey holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

Misha Boehm

Senior Analytics Scientist

A scientist and “idea explorer” by temperament, Misha had her first laboratory internship at 15 and was quite disappointed when the “new species” of deep-sea angler fish turned out to be a diseased mutant instead.

Julianne Wagoner

Analytics Engineer

Julianne believes the future of manufacturing is digital and is excited to be helping Seeq customers navigate the transition.

Christopher Orr

Associate Analytics Engineer

Chris enjoys helping front-line process experts solve problems.

John Cox

Analytics Engineer

John is excited to help Seeq’s customers succeed through his passion for combining software and data analysis to reveal operational insights.

Emily Anderson

Senior Analytics Engineer

Emily enjoys collaborating with customers to solve problems and improve processes.

John Garramone

Senior Analytics Scientist

John enjoys solving complex problems using a creative and logical approach.

Sharlinda Salim

Analytics Engineer

Sharlinda is keen to collaborate with Seeq’s customers towards achieving operational and process excellence.

Sepideh Rajaeirad

Analytics Engineer

Sepideh is determined to help process industries, supporting SMEs to refine data and turn the data into profit-driving strategies and solutions.

Sales & Marketing

Teresa Dixon

Enterprise Sales Executive

Teresa is Seeq’s passionate evangelist for all things analytics.

Jeff Tropsa

Enterprise Sales Executive

Jeff works with leading companies in the Process Industries Seeq-ing to achieve breakthrough results.

Jim Cunningham

Enterprise Sales Executive

Jim works with industry leaders to innovate business operations and insight to process data.

Todd Amy

Enterprise Sales Executive

Todd helps customers solve complex production data challenges.

Jennifer Bentzel

Director of Marketing

Jennifer manages marketing and communications for Seeq.

Owen Busch

Enterprise Sales Executive

Owen works with companies of all shapes and sizes to enable a transformative industrial data analytics practice.

Will Knight

Head of Worldwide Partner Sales

Will enables and supports partners globally to deliver innovative solutions to customers.

Bob Bellamy

Senior Project Manager

Bob enjoys the challenges of working across multiple projects at Seeq.

Mike Purcell

Managing Director, EMEA

Mike manages Seeq's sales and activities in the EMEA region.

Elise Belcastro

Marketing Coordinator

Elise tackles marketing projects for Seeq.

Katie Gates

Account Manager

Katie loves a new challenge and hopes to help make users of Seeq forget how they ever worked without it.

Jenny Reinman

Account Manager

Jenny obtained a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Oklahoma State University.

Trey Morris

Account Manager

Trey has spent the majority of his 8+ year career in the oil and gas industry primarily providing solutions to improve operational efficiency leveraging data acquisition and presentation.