Seeq® Corporation was a sponsor and participant in the ARC Industry Forum’s 19th annual executive conference. 

The theme of this year’s forum was “Industry in Transition: The Information Driven Enterprise for the Connected World” which addressed how new information technologies such as Internet of Things, wireless, additive manufacturing, cloud computing, and mobility are beginning to disrupt and radically change the way industrial enterprises do business.

The forum enabled Seeq executives to meet with existing and potential customers in the oil and gas, consumer product goods, and manufacturing segments, as well discuss partnership opportunities with leading industrial automation vendors.  

The ARC Industry Forum was also a transition point for Seeq as it was the first time the visual and interactive Seeq user interface experience was demonstrated to select customers. Seeq’s early experience - Seeq Prevue - is built on Seeq's infrastructure, which is currently running at customer sites in services-based deployments.  Seeq Prevue will be delivered in successive beta updates throughout 2015. 

Seeq Prevue customers are already achieving results in the areas of production yield optimization, remote operations management with new sensors and complex data types, and improved asset performance in the context of a batch, continuous process, or other operating environment. Contact Seeq for more information on the early experience program.

About Seeq Corporation

Founded in 2013, Seeq publishes software applications for manufacturing organizations to rapidly find and share data insights. Oil & gaspharmaceuticalspecialty chemicalutilityrenewable energy and numerous other vertical industries rely on Seeq to improve production outcomes, including yield, margins, quality, and safety. Headquartered in Seattle, Seeq is a privately held virtual company with employees across the United States and sales representation in Asia, Canada, Europe, and South America. 

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