IIoT and Industrial Internet of Things

Seeq provides everything we need for rapid root cause analytics, remote monitoring, and optimized preventative maintenance on data being sent from our assets at oil and gas production sites. 

- Process Control Manager, Mobile Gas Processing Equipment


The IIoT by any name – Industry 4.0, digital transformation, smart manufacturing – has become a competitive necessity for organizations. For asset vendors it means new business opportunities through services for remote monitoring and predictive analytics. For existing plants it means new insights into supply chains, assets and processes. And without analytics there is no benefit to IIoT, hence the role of Seeq. 

  • New analytics and insights from sensors on wireless networks
  • Enable employees to monitor remote operations and assets
  • Predictive analytics with integrated machine learning
  • Vendor-supplied services and analytics on deployed assets
  • Extend visibility to supply chain and distribution networks


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