Key Takeaways from Conneqt 2024

June 4, 2024

Seeq wrapped its third annual Conneqt conference and the team has returned from Miami feeling energized and ready to take on new challenges! Designed for industrial leaders to explore how the latest innovations in advanced analytics and AI can unleash digital transformation outcomes, Conneqt brought together a community of Seeq customers, prospects, partners, and other experts from Syensqo, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company 3M, Eli Lilly & Company, AVEVA, AWS, Microsoft and many more organizations. 
Each year, Conneqt does more than allow the Seeq team to create deeper human connections with the ecosystem and customers we serve. It also empowers attendees to connect across industries around different challenges to spur innovation that helps us all.  In addition to networking activities, this year’s event featured 36 breakout sessions led by customers, showcasing the success they are achieving with the Seeq Industrial Analytics & AI Suite. By taking advantage of these new sources of collaboration, the conference creates opportunities for attendees to grow and excel in ways they might not imagine otherwise. 
From keynote sessions to industry use case presentations, forward-thinking partner discussions and conversations at the Sponsor Expo, we covered a lot of ground at Conneqt, including announcing our 2024 Seeq Customer Award winners. 
The collective ideas and effort from all attendees made Conneqt an impactful conference that the Seeq team is eager to repeat again in Las Vegas in 2025. You can register for the event at our Super Early Bird rate here until June 30, 2024.
If you missed the event, you can dive into key takeaways below and  visit this page to view all sessions as they become available.


Cutting Edge Technology Enables Organizations to Address Cross-Industry Challenges

As the industrial sector continues to see a significant drop in the average tenure and time-in-role for the workforce, we are rapidly losing the knowledge of the most experienced subject matter experts (SMEs). During her keynote presentation, Dr. Lisa Graham, CEO at Seeq, discussed the need for the industrial sector to work quickly to ensure that the experience this group has brought to the field is not lost by leveraging powerful technologies that enable data access, documentation, and knowledge sharing. 

Similarly, innovative technologies can be used to combat today’s biggest industry challenges. With drug shortages at an all-time high, yield reductions due to quality issues, and product recalls increasing, industrial organizations are struggling to meet the everyday needs of millions of people around the globe. For example, without copper and other precious metals and minerals accessible, industrial organizations across industries cannot achieve clean energy in the proposed time frame to meet net zero. Applying advanced analytics platforms can help mining organizations rethink their approach to recovering these very precious metals. 

Industrial Enterprise Monitoring and GenAI are Empowering Today’s Workforce

On top of these industry and workforce challenges, organizations are tasked with determining which objectives to prioritize to improve processes across plants and, ultimately, the enterprise. From standards to predictive maintenance, OEE, notifications, annotations and many more, these objectives are constantly overlapping and competing, causing confusion around which to tackle first.

Fortunately, Seeq has introduced an Industrial Enterprise Monitoring architecture that enables these organizations to address all of these objectives. 

At Conneqt, our product team announced the Seeq Industrial Enterprise Monitoring Suite, with capabilities provided by our new app, Seeq Vantage. Fully integrated with the Seeq Industrial Analytics & AI Suite’s apps (Workbench, Organizer, and Data Lab), Seeq Vantage is built to handle large scale monitoring efforts, including sorting, filtering, flagging, labeling, commentary and more. The Seeq Industrial Enterprise Monitoring Suite allows industrials to scale learnings across the organization and to create comprehensive monitoring strategies that fit the needs of multiple areas in the organization. These capabilities improve processes, whether it’s an incremental improvement, predicting asset maintenance, identifying a quality issue, or making a control system change. And the cycle continues. These new capabilities enable industrial organizations to elevate workflows from an individual engineer’s discovery to driving insights across an enterprise. This enables better decision making and continuous improvement across today’s complex, industrial ecosystems.

The Seeq AI Assistant, announced earlier this year, accelerates all aspects of the Industrial Enterprise Monitoring workflow. The infusion of generative AI makes Seeq even easier to use, advanced analytics easier to learn, and most importantly, enables SMEs to quickly collate their contextualized operational process data into the insights that drive greater business outcomes. 

Digital Transformation Requires the Right People, Technology and Strategy

While Industrial Enterprise Monitoring and GenAI promise to empower SMEs with the insights needed to increase operational excellence, drive sustainable manufacturing and, ultimately, impact the organization’s bottom line, technology is only one factor in an organization’s overall digital transformation strategy.

As organizations adopt more ambitious business objectives, it is critical for them to invest in digital transformation strategies that will unleash the full potential of their operational data. During his keynote address, Dr. Sami Bahroun, Head of Industrial Data Science & Advanced Automation at Syensqo, outlined the steps Syensqo took to establish and implement this strategy, including developing a vision, adopting the right technology, connecting to data in one location, investing in talent, and implementing a user adoption roll out. 

“Successful digital transformation requires industrial organizations to intentionally develop an open, digital ecosystem that both speeds up value creation and fosters a data-driven decision-making culture,” said Bahroun.

Throughout the industry and topical breakout sessions at Conneqt, we heard industrial organizations echo this sentiment, as they discussed the great effort and resources required for digital transformation success, from setting clear goals, to facilitating alignment among team members and stakeholders, implementing innovative technologies, such as Seeq, managing the change process, and making course adjustments along the way. As value generation is realized and celebrated, these customers found that the broader organization is motivated to embrace the change. 


We’ll See You Next Year!

Thank you to everyone that attended Conneqt 2024 in Miami! It was a pleasure to host so many members of the Seeq community.

Special thank you to our sponsors for their support: 

  • Executive Sponsor – AVEVA 
  • Gold Sponsor – Amazon Web Services 
  • Silver Sponsor – BKO AI 
  • Silver Sponsor – IOTA Software 
  • Women in Tech Reception Sponsor – Capgemini 

We can’t wait to see you all in Las Vegas for Conneqt 2025 from May 13-15, 2025.

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