Seeq Announces Customer Award Winners at Conneqt 2024

May 7, 2024

Seeq recognized the winners of the Seeq Customer Awards at Conneqt 2024, our global industry conference held in Miami. Winners across five categories were selected for addressing top industry challenges and achieving significant business impact using the Seeq industrial analytics and AI platform. 

“The theme at Conneqt 2024 is “Unleash” and our Seeq Customer Award winners are outstanding examples of the power of leveraging industrial analytics and AI to unleash digital transformation outcomes,” said Michael Stenman, VP of Customer Success at Seeq. “We congratulate these customers for their dedication to innovation and leadership across the industrial sector.” 

Congratulations to the 2024 winners and finalists!

Trailblazer Award Winner: British Sugar

The Trailblazer Award recognizes customers who demonstrate exceptional innovation and leadership in leveraging cutting-edge technologies within Seeq to drive transformative changes and achieve significant business outcomes. 

British Sugar is paving the way toward a revolutionary modernization of process manufacturing.  With a strong vision and innovative approach, they are leveraging the Seeq GenAI capabilities, positioning them to address future challenges while achieving real, tangible business value both in the mid- and long- term. After moving to the cloud, British Sugar has achieved rapid user adoption, accelerated expansion, and propelled itself to the forefront of our GenAI work, collaborating closely with various teams in Seeq. 

Trailblazer Award finalists: Regeneron, Pfizer, Ascend Performance Materials 

Sustainability Award Winner: Holcim 

The Sustainability Award recognizes a company that has established itself as a leader in sustainable practices and is actively using Seeq to positively impact the environment.  

Seeq is a critical component of Holcim’s Global Plants of Tomorrow Initiative, which focuses on Holcim becoming the leader in sustainable building solutions. The initiative focuses on decarbonization across all sites and tracking and achieving net-zero targets at a site and global level.  Deploying Seeq across multiple sites has enabled the company to achieve their targets faster, driving them closer to meeting their corporate initiative. 

Sustainability Award finalists: Aker BP, Lyondell Bassell, Kinder Morgan 

Workforce Empowerment Award Winner: Syensqo

The Workforce Empowerment Award recognizes a company that has invested in driving business value through scaling the use of Seeq and learning resources, fostering optimized workflows and continuous improvement.   

Syensqo created an Analytics Academy to upskill their workforce with customized training and certification levels, including green, yellow and black belts. The company’s demonstrated commitment to workforce empowerment enables teams to maximize their Seeq investment. Within just one year of implementation, this effort and investment has helped Syensqo onboard and upskill more than 400 Seeq users.  

Workforce Empowerment Award finalists: Ontario Power Generation, Santos, Westlake 

Seeq Champion of the Year Award Winner: Amanda Thomas, Indorama Ventures PCL

The Seeq Champion Award recognizes an enthusiastic advocate who drives tangible business value through advocacy of Seeq within their organization and beyond, positively impacting both their company and the Seeq community within the industry. 

Amanda Thomas, IVL Digital Applications and Advanced Analytics Leader at Indorama Ventures PCL, began as a Seeq power user and has quickly become a resident expert and evangelist for Seeq at Indorama.  She led the expansion of Seeq adoption across their 30 key sites, identifying individual champions for each site and documenting and quantifying use cases. As a result, Indorama created a specialized position exclusively for her.  

Seeq Champion Award finalists: Fariha Imami of PQ Corp, Yanqing Li of RWE Generation UK, Fabian Schlieck of Uniper 

Customer of the Year Award Winner: Marathon Petroleum

The Customer of the Year Award recognizes a company that exemplifies best practices across multiple awards categories. This company demonstrates the pinnacle of achievement in leveraging Seeq’s industrial analytics and AI platform to accelerate digital transformation at the enterprise level. It honors a company that embodies excellence across all operational excellence categories–production, reliability, and sustainability–and unleashes significant positive change in their organization to align with future corporate goals and objectives. 

From standardizing monthly reporting to tracking regeneration cycles and collaborating with third parties using the Seeq platform, Marathon Petroleum has consistently championed Seeq across its enterprise. Not only has the company demonstrated how to efficiently complete tasks with one-off use cases, but also by applying Seeq to their business holistically to accelerate value generation at scale. The company developed a strong partnership with Seeq by integrating Seeq into their new employee onboarding, having Seeq participate in its Refinery IT Days, and leveraging Seeq for third party data sharing.  

Customer of the Year finalists: 3M, Eli Lilly, Syensqo 


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