Product Overview

Bring discovery and decision support to your organization.

Seeq® was founded on the premise that the answers to pressing business and operational questions lie within operational data, and that with the current generation of tools it takes too long, and is too hard, to obtain these critical insights. If you are looking to bring discovery and decision support to your organization Seeq can help. How? 

Seeq helps customers get more value out of the data they are already collecting in process historians including the OSIsoft® PI System®, Emerson’s Advanced Continuous Historian, Honeywell's Uniformance® PHD, and others. Seeq provides interactive, visual tools to accelerate discovery and investigation within industrial process data. Experience faster time to insight and achieve results in minutes that replace days of manual work copying and manipulating industrial process data sets. 

Seeq Visual Search

Seeq also enables the “contextualization” of time series data by integrating and relating data from manufacturing, asset management, transactional, and other systems. You can also comment and annotate data for later reference and search. This enables easier and faster discovery of insights in key scenarios such as asset optimization, operations excellence, situation awareness, and troubleshooting to improve bottom line results.  

Seeq is available for commercial use. You can deploy it on premise, on a single PC or on a server to facilitate collaboration among colleagues and teams. Seeq can also be deployed in the cloud, either managed by you or by Seeq for remote monitoring and OEM scenarios.  

Seeq is a productivity application for engineers and analysts 

Seeq dramatically increases the productivity of employees who have expertise in manufacturing operations and processes and are involved in diagnostics, investigation,
 discovery, and planning efforts relating to industrial process data.  

Seeq features are designed around time series data.  

Seeq leverages recent data management innovations to simplify and accelerate working with time series data. Visual Search, Annotations, Capsules and Worksheets are just some of the features specifically designed for time series data investigation.  

Seeq enables knowledge capture and collaboration.  

No more starting from scratch on a project or working in silos. Engineers and analysts can create, retain, and collaborate on insights through a browser based application that enables access from any device.  

Seeq embraces data diversity.  

Seeq works with your industrial process data: historians, batch systems, asset management systems, ERP, and the data you’ve collected but don’t know how to integrate with your control system data or existing solutions. Seeq brings this all together in one environment.  

While keeping your data secure and untouched 

Seeq connects to your data source for real-time access to the latest data, but Seeq never writes anything back to the data source. Instead, Seeq stores your work, data indexes, and annotations on your data for you without impacting the integrity of your systems of record. 

Analytics and Extensibility 

Seeq includes a comprehensive REST API for the creation of industry-specific applications and custom solutions that leverage Seeq functionality, as well as enabling interoperability with business intelligence (BI) tools such as Excel, Tableau, SAS, and MATLAB. 

Seeq is available for a free download and trial 

Seeq is more than innovative software for faster insights 
to industrial process data; it is an innovative approach to manufacturing software. Seeq can be downloaded, activated, connected to data, and up and running in a matter of minutes.  

Learn what Seeq can do for you.  

Request a trial copy today. Or contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.  


Bring discovery and decision support to your organization.

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