Analyze data at the speed of, well, data.

Get the whole story with Workbench. Access, cleanse, and perform calculations on time series data in near real-time, and discover the insights that will drive impactful reliability, production, and sustainability gains. And now with the Seeq AI Assistant, the shortest path from uh-oh to A-Ha just got even shorter!

Seeq Workbench

  • New! Seeq AI Assistant. Learn faster, and do more.
  • Low / no code interface makes everyone an analyst
  • Collaborate on analyses across teams and time zones
Data Access
  • View disparate data sets in one spot
  • Cleanse and contextualize voluminous data quickly
  • Identify ideal and anomalous time periods
  • Tell the story visually with charts, tables, plots and more
  • View time series signals overlaid with batches, cycles and product runs
  • Slice and dice based on calendar or relative timeframes
  • Integrate custom applications and visualizations
  • Operationalize ML workflows
  • Foster operations (OT) and data science (IT) collaboration

Introducing the Seeq AI Assistant!

The Seeq Generative AI Assistant is your partner for identifying insights faster than ever before. Just getting started with Seeq? Now you have a built in buddy who helps you get up to speed and deliver valuable insights at least 2X faster. Already a Seeq master? The Seeq AI Assistant can develop new formulas, python code, and more to take your analysis further, faster.

We put the "duh" in deployment.

Deployment is a cinch with Seeq SaaS. We make it so easy, you might not even need our help—but we’re standing by anyway, just in case you need us.

Deployment Options

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