In this Seeq University video, we cover adding trend lines to a scatter plot in Seeq's advanced analytics software. This possible in Seeq versions R21.0.44.00 and later. Look for the Intro to Scatter Plot video to see other Scatter Plot…

This short video presents an overview of Boundaries and Reference Signals in Seeq.

This video from Seeq University demonstrates how the advanced analytics application functions for formula scripting.

In this Seeq University video, we cover how Seeq enables users to create boundaries with reference signals for deeper insight into their data.

This short video introduces the Deviation Search feature, allowing you to find where your signals deviate outside of set boundaries in Seeq.

This video demonstrates how to customize signals in appearance and alignment.

This video introduces Seeq Workbench, an innovative application for engineers and analysts working with production data, how to create and share Workbooks and Worksheets, plus navigation features and other basic concepts.

This short video introduces the Organizer application, allowing you to assemble analysis' and materials for distribution to others while maintaining the underlying Seeq data.

This video demonstrates Seeq search features, including using the search box and search result types, targeting your search by data source, using wildcards and regular expressions, and how to search asset hierarchies.

This video introduces Seeq Worksheet Journal. Use Journal to outline your analysis before you begin, document your work steps as you go, and share your documented analysis with your team.