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Valves are one of the most common assets in the process industry, spanning all verticals. Chemicals, refineries, and petrochemicals, however, will find improved valve health diagnostics useful for critical valves and controllers in their plants, while upstream and midstream oil and gas companies may be focused on much larger, critical valves like pipeline or subsea valves.

It’s difficult to characterize valve performance to anticipate valve health in near real-time. Process manufacturing operations are in need of a balance to know when maintenance is actually needed, as calendar-based maintenance can lead to unnecessary effort and costs, while neglecting maintenance tasks leads to unplanned downtime. This leads to lost revenue and increased environmental and safety risk.


Using Seeq, process manufacturers are able to implement a condition-based monitoring analysis to monitor valve health across an entire fleet. Engineers can utilize the historical data to accurately create a predictive maintenance forecast and preemptively detect valve failures before they occur. The state of overall valve health is created by monitoring the valve performance with various key metrics, like stroke time, and static friction, which leads to identifying bad actors, risk identification, and prioritization of maintenance activities.


Companies are able to reduce the likelihood of valve failure, saving massive costs due to lost production and manpower per event, per asset. Seeq’s advanced analytics application can reliably provide context and insight into alerts received from other alerting software.

Data Sources

  • Process Data Historian: OSIsoft PI
  • Maintenance Records: SAP

Data Cleansing

  • Remove data recorded while the controller was in Manual mode
  • Use Agile Filter to smooth noisy data
  • Suppress downtimes from alerts and warnings

Calculations and Conditions

  • Formula to identify valve reversals/cycles
  • Signal from Condition to quantify cycle counts and durations
  • Composite Condition of find when multiple conditions were present

Reporting and Collaboration

  • Treemap in an Organizer Topic to show overall health scores of valves within the fleet
  • Subsequent documents in the report to show detailed trends of all the valve health KPI's