Seeq for Operators - Find Production Settings


Process operators are responsible for making production target settings when changing product grades. Typically, operators use a written logbook to record production settings, and when they make grade changes, they reference the logbook. While the logbook may contain information about finished product quality or other process KPIs, they do not get the full context about the last production run.

They’re often looking at numbers on a piece of paper, not trends that show the relationships between process parameters and key KPIs throughout the run. Operators frequently just choose production settings from the end of the run, which results in a large amount of off-specification production when changing grades.


Create conditions for the production runs of product grades. Easily navigate to past production runs to find past production settings. View the relationship between the production settings and key process KPIs, like quality or production rate.


With the operator’s exposure to advanced analytics tools, the team can:

  • Reduce off-spec production when changing grades
  • Select better startup settings by considering the entire previous campaign instead of just the last value
  • Reduce time spent recording production settings in written logbooks and searching through logbooks for settings

Calculations and Conditions

  • Define production runs using the Value Search tool.