Management Operations Reporting
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The plant management team reviews a high level summary report out of plant performance each morning. This report contains data from a variety of different business units and groups (environmental, safety, process engineering, mechanical) across the plant. Each group must manually input their data ahead of the meeting. The management team only sees this report once a day because it is manually compiled by the individual teams. The report is owned by one person, is stored in a place that not everyone can easily access, and is currently generated in Excel with macros that often require manual manipulation. This report must combine data from a variety of different systems and organizations efficiently. 

Using Seeq’s organizer topic, different areas throughout the plant can collaborate to put together one report. The larger plant operations report is a roll-up of the individual unit reports, maintenance records, and operator shift logs. The report combines the top Key Performance Indicators for each unit with inventory data to get a snapshot of plant operations. Safety, Environmental, and Maintenance data is also included to ensure management can see the full picture of operations. 

A new report was created in Seeq which eliminates the manual data entry and allows members of the team to update the report at any time using the Auto Update function. Everyone can view the summary and drill down to the individual unit reports to view detailed unit operations, loss tracking, and operator shift logs with just one click. The report is stored on the Seeq Server so everyone in the organization can quickly access and update it whenever is convenient for them.

Data Sources

  • Process Data—OSISoft Pi or any historian 
  • Lab Data – LIMS
  • SQL Data – Environmental, safety, and maintenance data 

Calculations and Conditions

  • Scorecard Metrics for Key Performance Indicators on each unit – color-coding indicates whether the unit is running to target or not
  • Simple Trending of inventories to monitor when tanks are getting low/full for planning groups to monitor
  • Treemap to monitor asset wide performance

Reporting and Collaboration
Seeq’s Organizer Topic is used to roll up individual unit reports and auto-update the report on demand.