Use Cases

Seeq is currently being used in many industries, including oil & gas, power generation, specialty chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. The use cases where Seeq is proving beneficial in accelerating insights are as varied as the customer types. Examples of current usage include: 

Investigation and Troubleshooting

Seeq enables engineers to rapidly explore time-series data. With Seeq you can dive right in, search your data with ease, and find answers to your pressing questions. 

Situation Awareness

Seeq enables a collaborative approach to problem solving, aggregating plant and production data with the perspectives of colleagues for rapid insights.  

Asset Optimization

Seeq enables you to quickly optimize asset performance, decreasing downtime and enabling the best use of assets through improved reliability and availability. 

Operations Excellence

Faster time to insight into production analytics with Seeq leads to better business outcomes: higher yields, margins, and throughput.  Click here to read how wind farm operator Avangrid Renewables uses Seeq to discover lost generation across their turbine fleet and uncover additional revenue opportunities. 

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Seeq is adding value in many industries.

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