Seeq and Customers to Present at AVEVA PI World in Amsterdam

May 16, 2022

AMSTERDAM – May 16, 2022 – Seeq Corporation, a leader in manufacturing and industrial internet of things advanced analytics software, announced today its gold level sponsorship of AVEVA PI World, the largest annual gathering of AVEVA customers and partners in the world. Seeq will present and exhibit at the event in Amsterdam from May 16-19, 2022.

Seeq’s Managing Director for EMEA, Petter Mörée, will deliver a presentation that highlights the power of the PI System with Seeq, including use cases across the oil and gas, chemicals, and life sciences industries, which all rely on data Integrity at scale and scope, on May 17 at 15:40.

“Many organizations view Seeq as a natural extension of the PI System because it seamlessly integrates with all of its components while giving subject matter experts immediate access to all operational data and context,” says Petter Mörée, Managing Director at Seeq. “Together, Seeq and the PI System enable organizations to improve their operations and production outcomes through advanced analytics as demonstrated by the success stories of our shared customers.”

Several of Seeq’s customers, including oil & gas, and petrochemical company OMV, will present use cases of the PI System, with the added value of Seeq, on May 18 at the event.

In addition to sponsoring AVEVA PI World, the Seeq team will demonstrate several applications, emissions reporting, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), and multivariate analytics use cases at booth 48. Seeq will also demonstrate its integration with AVEVA Data Hub, showcasing how Seeq with the PI System can address a variety of complex business challenges across industries.

Seeq enables engineers and scientists in process manufacturing organizations to rapidly analyze, predict, collaborate, and share insights to improve production outcomes. Seeq customers include companies in the oil and gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, power & utility, mining, food and beverage, pulp & paper and other process industries. Investors in Seeq include Insight Ventures, Saudi Aramco Energy Ventures, Altira Group, Chevron Technology Ventures, and Cisco Investments.

Seeq is available worldwide through a global partner network of system integrators, which provides training and resale support for Seeq in over 40 countries, in addition to its direct sales organization in North America and Europe.

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About Seeq Corporation

Seeq, a global leader in advanced analytics and AI for industrial companies, delivers a self-service, enterprise SaaS platform and solutions to accelerate critical insights and action from historically unused data. Oil and gas, pharmaceutical, specialty chemical, utility, renewable energy, and numerous other vertical industries rely on Seeq to optimize business and production outcomes, including yield, margins, quality, and sustainability. Seeq is a privately held virtual company with employees across the United States and sales representation in Asia, Canada, Europe, and South America. To learn more about Seeq, visit