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February 21, 2023

Find what you Seeq – This is the goal of a Seeq Customer Success Manager (CSM) as they guide Seeq users through a journey to find not only the insights they seek in their time series data, but also the business value they seek from incorporating advanced analytics into their operational workflows. Drawing on the expertise at Seeq—Analytics Engineers, Industry Principals, Software Engineers, and Product Managers, to name a few—CSMs lead customers to value.

Yet, it is the voice of the Seeq user that continually shapes the best practices recommended for an optimal Seeq deployment. A frequent question asked by customers is, “How are your other customers approaching this challenge?” Whether they are on a journey toward workforce empowerment, digital transformation, or sustainability, they recognize that they are not on this journey alone and want to apply the lessons already learned by industry peers. Conneqt 2023 is the best opportunity to learn directly from the experiences of fellow Seeq users.

Finding Human Connections at Conneqt 2022

After a long period of virtual meetings, Conneqt 2022 in Austin, Texas provided a long-awaited opportunity for Seeq to engage with customers in person. Discovering their surprising height, the strength of their handshake, and their go-to karaoke song were highlights of the customer interactions at the event, but seeing their technical insights and business outcomes come to life in keynote and industry presentations were the real highlights of the event

With a range of customers together in the same room along with key Seeq team members, invaluable connections between industry peers experiencing the same pain points or rolling out the same initiatives were made. For the first time, CSMs had the ability to say,

  • “Remember that customer success story I told you about? Here’s the pivotal player behind it.”
  • “I’ve heard your desire to enhance the way Seeq supports this use case. Let me introduce you to the Product Manager who is designing the solution.”
  • “You know who has faced a similar challenge? This person right here who has some great lessons learned to share.”

You can view last year’s Conneqt presentations here, but you can’t find those human connections in a recording.

Collage of photos showing events at previous Conneqt conferences

We’re Seeqing More at Conneqt 2023

This year, Seeq is proving that not “everything is bigger in Texas.” We’re taking Conneqt 2023 to San Diego for a bigger and better agenda packed with four industry tracks and four breakout tracks centered on common business outcomes across industries: Sustainability, Workforce Empowerment, Digital Transformation & Connected Supply Chains, and Plant Health & Equipment Effectiveness. Here’s a sneak peek at the companies presenting in each track. More details will be available soon on the Conneqt website.

These presentations are great opportunities to learn how inspiring leaders have navigated the industry’s toughest challenges and scaled analytics across their operations. You can also find great insights through discussion with other users, industry leaders, and Seeq experts during on-site receptions, and networking breakfasts and lunches. The cheerful chatter will continue off-site at Happy Does for a networking dinner event on Day 2.

Let’s Keep the Conneqt Conversation Going

The conversation doesn’t have to stop when the event ends! With registration, attendees will be invited to engage with other Conneqt attendees through a Conneqt and Chat social group and ongoing Conneqt Community Virtual Meet Ups. So far, Conneqt Community Virtual Meet Ups attendees have chatted with our Chief Customer Officer, discussed workforce empowerment with our Training Program Leader, and viewed a preview of the Seeq roadmap presentation from our Chief Product Officer and co-founder.

It's Always Sunny in San Diego

When you’re not engaged in conference sessions and events, you can enjoy sunny San Diego. Just check out the breathtaking view from the Omni Hotel! Once you step outside, take a walk to a Padres baseball game at Petco Park, a bayfront shop or restaurant, a visit aboard a real warship at the USS Midway Museum, and a ferry ride to Coronado Island. You can also catch a quick ride to visit the world-famous San Diego Zoo, explore Point Loma tide pools, listen to the seals at La Jolla cove, hike some regional trails, or dip your toes in the Pacific Ocean.

Photo of San Diego skyline

See you at Conneqt 2023 in San Diego on May 1-3!

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