30 March 2017

by Michael Risse

It was another great OSIsoft Users Conference in San Francisco last week. The OSIsoft Users Conference is the world’s largest gathering of OSIsoft customers and partners, and I believe this year was in fact the biggest ever based on the number of attendees. Very busy, very big, and an important opportunity for Seeq customers.

28 February 2017

by Michael Risse

“Fail fast” is a saying in startup companies: it means that it's fine to be wrong about something, just figure it out quickly, take the learning and move on. As Seeq ventures into 2017 with customer presentations and vendor announcements at the ARC conference and looks ahead to the OSIsoft User Conference in San Francisco, it’s been interesting to look back at some things that we’ve learned in the last year. 

16 January 2017

by Jon Peterson

We closed out 2016 with another important milestone: Seeq R16 is released! We do a major release about every 3 months. Our last major release, R15, was in October, R14 was in June, etc. Which means there were 5 releases of Seeq, from R12 to R16, in 2016. When customers say they appreciate our speed and agility in reacting to their feedback, this is what they mean: weeks, not years, to see changes.

12 December 2016

by Michael Risse

We are wrapping up the fall tour of automation vendor user conferences and it’s been a blur. Yokogawa in Orlando, OSIsoft in Munich, Wonderware in Orlando, Emerson Exchange in Austin, Inductive Automation in Folsom, and Honeywell in The Hague. Plus regional conferences with OSIsoft and several other events in the pharmaceutical industry. Many places, many vendors, but one consistent reaction best expressed by one of the process engineers we met:

“Where have you been all my life?”

Seeq Analytics Engineers Brian Crandall and Shamus Cunningham with Sales Executive Teresa Dixon
at Emerson Exchange 2016

24 October 2016

by Brian Crandall

This week we are back on the road as our fall tour of automation vendor user conferences continues. We hope to see you if you are attending Emerson Exchange in Austin, Texas. We will be showcasing Seeq integration with the DeltaV Continuous Historian as well as integration with other products from Emerson.

17 October 2016

by Michael Risse

We have a break between the recent wave of fall user conferences, and another one that starts in two weeks, so I will use this opportunity to share some of the momentum and progress we are seeing in customer engagement, software, and recognition for our efforts. Let’s begin with recognition...


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