Mark Derbecker
Mark Derbecker
Chief Product Officer

A co-Founder of Seeq, Mark leads our stellar development team as they develop extremely good software.

Mark was formerly Director of Systems Development at Insitu, where he managed hardware and software engineering for Insitu’s two major unmanned aircraft platforms: the ScanEagle and the Integrator. Prior to Insitu, Mark spent 5 years at Microsoft.

Mark attended the University of Waterloo for Systems Design Engineering, during which he spent internships at various startups. Upon graduation he joined Microsoft and the nascent Windows XP team where he co-designed and implemented the application compatibility modes that were introduced with that operating system.

He then moved to the Xbox team and worked on animation and artificial intelligence for NHL Rivals 2004, Microsoft’s first and last foray into console hockey games.

Following his passion for windsurfing, Mark moved to Hood River, Oregon in 2005 and joined a startup called Insitu, Inc. in the new unmanned air vehicle space. Insitu grew from 40 employees to 800 and Mark became Director of Systems Development, managing hardware and software engineering for Insitu’s two major aircraft platforms, the ScanEagle and the Integrator. In 2015, he received a Masters degree in Business Administration from UC Berkeley.

Mark and his wife Tifani now live in White Salmon, WA with two Chihuahuas. They are enjoying all of the indoor and outdoor activities that the Columbia River Gorge has to offer.

In his spare time Mark enjoys kiteboarding, snowboarding and improvisational comedy.