Dustin Johnson
Dustin Johnson
Chief Architect

Dustin spends most of his time ensuring that Seeq's products are flexible, powerful, and approachable.

Dustin began his career working with streaming real-time data from space launch vehicles at The Aerospace Corporation. While at The Aerospace Corporation, Dustin participated in many diverse projects, from GPS constellation alignment and user equipment design to audiovisual distribution systems.

After Dustin had his fill of rockets, he moved to Sacramento, CA, and worked at CACE Technologies alongside a few of the world’s leading computer networking experts. As part of his work at CACE, Dustin made substantial improvements to Wireshark, an open source networking tool, and worked on the networking protocol used in Boeing’s 787 aircraft.

In 2008 Dustin moved to Hood River, OR, to work at Insitu, a small robotic aircraft company. During his time at Insitu, Dustin had the pleasure of leading a diverse and talented group of over 30 Software Engineers in the successful Engineering Manufacturing and Development (EMD) phase of the RQ21-A program. Before his departure from Insitu, Dustin was functioning as the Chief Engineer of all engineering disciplines for the Commercial Integrator system.

At Seeq, Dustin is the Chief Architect, and is excited to bring his talents to a new and evolving domain.

Dustin hails from sunny Los Angeles, California, and now lives in the Hood River area.