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Werusys Industrieinformatik

Werusys Industrieinformatik is a leading IT service provider in the field of production, information and management systems. The company was founded in 1995. From the beginning, the conception, development and support of open IT infrastructure solutions formed the foundation of the company’s philosophy. A key product of our company is the production software SynergyVision. Its modules cover – depending on the selected expansion level – the functionality of a Manufacturing Execution System (MES), a Laboratory Information System (LIMS), an Energy Controlling/Energy Management System and that of an AutoAI platform (eXAITD). We manage varied projects for exciting and innovative clients throughout Germany and Europe. We occupy future topics such as Production Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Energy Management and Cloud Computing.

Werusys and Seeq work together as partners to offer advanced analytics solutions to their customers. The goal of the partnership is to accelerate digital transformation and leverage the capabilities of advanced analytics.

We meet the high demands of our customers through our highly qualified and professionally experienced employees from engineering and scientific fields as well as from our own education (BA Scientific Programming, Mathematical Technical Software Developer, IT Specialist).

Market-leading companies in the process industry already rely on our software solutions.

As the leading official partner of OSIsoft (“System Integrator”) in Germany, we can support our customers in the integration of one of the most potent real-time infrastructures in global use – PI-System. Our core competence ranges from simple production monitoring to real-time business intelligence based on machine learning.