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Seeq® is founded on the premise that process manufacturing companies need better solutions for deriving business insight from Industrial Process DataThe Seeq Decision Support Environment (DSE), which features an HTML-based client application and server-based platform, is the first modern application designed specifically for accelerating insight into time series data. You can think of Seeq as the “Google” of your Industrial Process Data: fast, interactive, and intuitive. Customers using Seeq experience faster insights on production data, a higher return-on-investment from existing data sources, and increased collaboration among employees to drive better operations decisions.  

Seeq is an official partner of OSIsoft and recently sponsored its European and US user conferences, as well as US regional seminars. Seeq is also a sponsor of recent Emerson Exchange user conferences. Additional partnership and licensing agreements are currently underway with other industrial automation vendors and will be announced when finalized.


Seeq is a venture-backed software company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. We have a successful and accomplished executive team which brings over 100 years of experience and expertise in process manufacturing, mission critical systems, and software development from OSIsoft, Microsoft, Boeing, and Honeywell. The founders and board of directors have extensive experience with successful start-up ventures in high-growth environments. 

Seeq is organized as a virtual company to attract the best talent across the country and around the globe.

Our Approach

Seeq follows agile software development techniques which rely on frequent customer touches, demonstrations, and reviews. The result is a shorter time to useful features with a faster response cycle to customer input and requests.   
We leverage "big data" technologies to bring industrial process data into the business decision process. This approach requires a development team that is experienced with open source innovations and technologies. Our technical team members include big data architects with domain and industry experience, computer scientists experienced in grid computing and distributed systems, and data scientists specializing in advanced analytics and visualization. Thus the team is able to deliver an advanced application for better business outcomes and company improvement through industrial process data-driven decision making.  
We are committed to fostering growth and innovation within our communities. That's why we've partnered with the Entrepreneurs Foundation of the Northwest and the Entrepreneurs Foundation of Colorado to grant equity donations to these regions. In the meantime, we are working hard to deliver valuable products and services and improve our local communities.


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