We understand that top companies run lean and agile and may not have the staff to perform design and implementation tasks. Therefore Seeq’s team of software and process engineering experts is available to assist you through your Seeq trial and deployment on request. Seeq’s executive team has over 100 years of experience in industrial process systems which — combined with your knowledge and data — can help drive improvements in manufacturing results.  

Seeq can provide resources to assist with: 

Project Engineering. Seeq engineers work with your team and your existing data to provide software configurations and integration solutions to address improvements in your process.  

Integration Services.  Solution architecture, capacity planning, and integration with customer data sources are aspects of an enterprise Seeq deployment that can be provided as professional service options. 

Custom Applications. Seeq developers can fulfill customer requirements and industry-specific capabilities by building on the Seeq REST API which enables access to all Seeq functionality via Python, Ruby, and C#. 

Internal Advocacy.  Achieving consensus on cross-departmental challenges is a challenge. Seeq works with stakeholders, leveraging our data management expertise, to devise priorities and plans for improved results. 


Seeq XY

The display above was developed for a customer to help identify changes in performance over time of a production asset.


Some of the projects Seeq has contributed to include: 

Increasing asset uptime and optimization in green energy  

Solution: Seeq professional services created a network operation center (NOC) with telemetry systems for collecting and transmitting data from all equipment to the NOC for modeling, monitoring, and maintenance.  

Enabling service delivery for OEM equipment 

Solution: Seeq professional services are assisting a vendor that has introduced remote services for monitoring and managing tens of thousands of assets around the globe.  They are using Seeq to improve diagnostics capabilities, enable team and customer collaboration, and increase scalability. 

Product quality in batch manufacturing  

Solution: Seeq professional services deployed Seeq to investigate variability in critical quality attributes that were leading to product recalls.  The team located the key aspects of batch process that are driving product variability. 

Curious about how Seeq can boost the value of your data? 

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