The pressure on process manufacturing organizations to improve production results is increasing in every industry.

Improving yield, quality, and safety metrics. Savings in energy and resource consumption. Asset uptime, availability, and optimization. Employee productivity, knowledge capture, and collaboration. Increased KPIs for execution, excellence, and efficiency. Higher margins, ROI, and profitability.

At the same time there are three constants that “better” results consistently share. The pursuit of improved results, however defined, never ends. The need to find insights more quickly and make decisions sooner, only increases. And whatever the question, the desired insight is buried in an abundant and growing quantity of collected data.  

Better results, sooner, through insight into data. This is what Seeq is doing for customers in industries including oil & gas, specialty chemicals, pharmaceutical, and utilities, with new customers and industries being added every month.

Uses for Seeq in different verticals vary, but what doesn’t change is that Seeq delivers improved production results, faster insights, and a fast ROI.

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Seeq has delivered sophisticated analytics allowing us to see how critical processes are running. And a data scientist is not required!

- Senior Automation Engineer

Seeq enables us to rapidly integrate data from multiple historians, and contextualize it with maintenance data from SQL Server, so we get higher haul truck availability through smarter preventative maintenance.

- Director of Mine Operations

I was surprised that during the demo we connected to one of my systems and I immediately spotted a critical issue and needed to postpone the rest of the meeting. 

- Sr. Process Engineer, Major O&G Company

Seeq provides everything we need for rapid root cause analytics, remote monitoring, and optimized preventative maintenance on data being sent from our assets at oil and gas production sites.

- Process Control Manager, Mobile Gas Processing Equipment

Seeq enables us to accurately identify batches and batch phases so we can rapidly analyze and aggregate quality data to improve process outcomes.

- Brewmaster

Visual Search enables us to search find important phases directly in the process data much more accurately and reliably than using data from the execution system. We can then quickly tie those phases to important quality and yield metrics and related independent variables. 

- Sr. Operations Manager, Major Pharmaceutical

With no IT support, our Reliability and Quality engineers can use Seeq’s visual analytics capabilities to rapidly investigate any production issue, although the real win is the time savings in creating and sharing results.

- Principal Engineer

We were so happy to see a feature set that gives us an easy and accelerated way to do cycle time analysis that we subscribed within days of our first meeting with Seeq.

- Continuous Improvement Manager


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