As customers store and manage increasing volumes of data in the OSIsoft® PI System® they need faster, smarter ways to leverage that data to improve operations.

The partnership with Seeq will facilitate the ability of our shared customers to rapidly gain insights that drive improvements in yield, quality, and margins within process manufacturing organizations.

– Tim Johnson, Director, Partners and Strategic Alliances with OSIsoft 

Seeq is an OSIsoft Independent Software Partner and offers unparalleled integration capabilities with the OSIsoft PI System:

  • On installation, Seeq automatically detects, connects to, and indexes data in PI systems
  • Seeq can connect to one, or many, PI systems to enable comparisons across sites and plants
  • Asset Framework integration enables asset analytics and asset-relative displays
  • Seeq analytics may be published to OSIsoft Coresite for access by any user
  • Integration with Event Frames and PI Notifications enables reuse of existing investments
  • High-fidelity, and continuous, integration with Microsoft Excel and Power BI


Read our OSIsoft Partner Solution Brief.

Watch Abbott Nutrition present at the OSIsoft User Conference on achieving higher asset availability using Seeq with the PI System.

Read the ARC report on Seeq at Avangrid Renewables to analyze the value of energy production curtailment periods.

Contact us today to learn more about how Seeq can help you get even more value out of your OSIsoft PI System data.




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