Seeq for Operators - Find Production Settings


Process operators are responsible for making production target settings when changing product grades. Typically, operators use a written logbook to record production settings, and when they make grade changes, they reference the logbook. While the logbook may contain information about finished product quality or other process KPIs, they do not get the full context about the last production run.

Mass Balance


Manufacturing sites have many process units, each with inlet and outlet streams. Many sites do not have insight into the mass balance of these process units. Performing a mass balance on these process units (or the overall plant) is critical for identifying a number of issues, including leaks, faulty sensors, meter calibration issues, process inefficiencies, and more. Unfortunately, the plants that do perform mass balances likely use a method that is difficult to maintain and does not update as new data is available for continuous monitoring.

Filter Membrane Predictive Maintenance


At manufacturing operations using ultrafiltration systems, the ultrafiltration membranes are used for numerous batches without replacement, using Clean-In- Place (CIP) operations in between batches to maintain filter performance. However, ineffective CIP cycles or long-term fouling or degradation of the filter membrane can result in increased cycle times to move the desired amount of product through the filter, lost yield as the product is unable to permeate the filter, or poor product quality as membrane failure may occur.

Valve Health Diagnostics


Valves are one of the most common assets in the process industry, spanning all verticals. Chemicals, refineries, and petrochemicals, however, will find improved valve health diagnostics useful for critical valves and controllers in their plants, while upstream and midstream oil and gas companies may be focused on much larger, critical valves like pipeline or subsea valves.

Chromatography and Transition Analysis


Chromatography is a key unit operation for producing a high-quality pharmaceutical. A biotechnology company specializing in the design and manufacture of proteins was struggling with the incredibly time-consuming process of comparing the quality and yield of batches based on the chromatography peaks in Excel. In addition, chromatography columns degrade over time and require integrity and efficiency monitoring to predict column failure to avoid a potential loss of a batch.


Predict Conveyor Belt Tensioning Date


Conveyor belts are a humble yet essential asset for mining companies. They are utilized to transport solids collected from the mines through various processing steps, eventually transferring the materials to a shipping vessel for transport to the final customer. Interruption of conveyor-belt operation threatens the on-time delivery of goods to customers, impacting profitability.