Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The Quest for Data

— Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Digitization offers the promise to connect everything on the plant floor. The emerging smart, connected plant will have an immense impact on production efficiency, but will also bring challenges.…

Plant Services

Put Big Data into context in real time

— Plant Services

Smart cities, plants, and machines rely on smart analytics to put big data into context in real time and optimize decision-making. Powering today’s analytics tools are advanced algorithms,…

Control Engineering

Four ways spreadsheets limit data analytics

— Control Engineering

Process industry firms have collected manufacturing data for decades. With each step-change advance in hardware and software, organizations generate and collect more data, characterizing process…

Processing Magazine Logo

How to Analyze Gas Processing Data From Remote Locations

— Processing Magazine

Advanced analytics and data collection system help an energy company monitor and evaluate gas processing equipment at remote well sites. Unmanned well sites in remote locations present…

Control Engineering

Integrating IIoT technologies to maximize facility operations

— Control Engineering

April 9, 2018 – Gain valuable data insights by integrating operations, information technology (IT) systems, and creating a more effective Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution.…

Smart Industry Logo

Data analytics for everyone: Beyond spreadsheets

— Smart Industry

Love it or hate it, the spreadsheet has been the backbone of every engineer’s analytics effort for close to 40 years. With spreadsheets approaching middle-age, now older than many of their…

Process Heating Logo

Applying IIoT for Process Heating Applications

— Process Heating

It is time to move beyond the language and promises of IIoT to solutions that improve asset availability and production outcomes. Terms such as the Internet of Things (IoT), the Industrial…

Control Engineering

Turning Big Data analytics into actionable information

— Control Engineering

To be effective, Big Data analytics must deliver on the end-user experience, and not on the hype associated with artificial intelligence and machine learning. Some might assume Big Data…

ARC Advisory Group

The New Rise of Time Series Databases

— ARC Advisory Group

The multi-billion-dollar Time Series Databases markets now find industry heavyweights vying for position in a once-quiet category. Time series data storage and management has long been an…

Power Magazine

Using Data Analytics to Improve Operations and Maintenance

— Power Magazine

Power plants are challenged to generate value from their data, but this can be a tedious and slow process, with uncertain outcomes. Now, as shown in these use cases, data analytic solutions can…