Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The Human-Machine Matchup

— Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Combining human reasoning with the machine learning functionality found in advanced analytics applications improves pharma processes.

Process Heating Logo

Applying IIoT for Process Heating Applications

— Process Heating

It is time to move beyond the language and promises of IIoT to solutions that improve asset availability and production outcomes.

Control Global

Modern data historians provide for optimization, savings

— Control Global

Data analytics programs optimize water injection completions, and produce huge savings at two oil and gas extraction applications.

Smart Industry Logo

Installed in the morning, a million dollar benefit in the afternoon

— Smart Industry

Advanced analytics are accelerating—by an order of magnitude—the time to decisions and actions.

Control Engineering

Big Data analysis or data acquisition?

— Control Engineering

Centralized data architectures are adapting to new opportunities for data collection and analytics.

Power Magazine

Digitization and Analytics in Power Plants

— Power Magazine

A key aspect of any digitization effort is providing easy access to data by engineers and other experts so they can perform advanced analytics to improve outcomes.

Oil & Gas Engineering

Basic steps to take when applying analytics processing

— Oil & Gas Engineering

Upstream oil & gas operations improved using data analytics. Reducing the break-even price of U.S. shale oil production requires the intelligent application of what Goldman Sachs refers to as…

Smart Industry Logo

Case Study: Analytical Software Predicts Sewer-System Blockages

— Smart Industry

Calculating sewer blockages 13 hours before they happen. Often the first notification of a spill comes from a member of the public, hours and sometimes days after the actual incident. Such late…

Chemical Processing

Predictive Maintenance Efforts Boast Uneven Success

— Chemical Processing

Online polling conducted by CP late last year shed some light on the success of plants in achieving predictive maintenance. While more than a quarter of respondents said their…


The Analytics Ahead

— LiveWorx

Merriam Webster’s online dictionary states the first known use of “analytics” was in 1590 and was defined as “the method of logical …