Process & Control

Stop Drowing in Data - Analysis is Key

— Process & Control

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) is pushing SCADA to new levels of importance with the aid of advanced analytics. Micheal Risse, CMO/VP at Seeq Corporation advocates the advantages of data…

Oil & Gas Engineering

Optimizing asset performance in refineries

— Oil & Gas Engineering

Advanced analytics use machine learning to simplify user experience, generate process data insights.

Water Online

Knowledge Transfer For Water's Better Informed Future

— Water Online

Water industry managers are caught in a squeeze. On one hand, they need to capture institutional knowledge from long-term baby boomer employees before they retire. At the same time, they need to…

Influential Women in Manufacturing

2019 Class of Influential Women in Manufacturing

— Influential Women in Manufacturing

Seeq's VP of Analytics Engineering, Lisa Graham, is an honoree in the 2019 Class of Influential Women in Manufacturing.

Water Online

How To Leverage Water Data To 'Make Your Case'

— Water Online

Efficiently managing potable water treatment and distribution or wastewater collection and treatment involves many moving components, not the least of which are cost implications. If only there…

Control Engineering

The data historian’s history told

— Control Engineering

Momentum around time-series data storage suggests a new chapter for a legacy offering.

Water Online

Find More Insight In Your Deluge Of Water Data

— Water Online

With the proliferation of new sensors and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) initiatives now feeding SCADA systems, water industry managers lament how they are drowning in a sea of data yet…

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Empowering an effective PAT methodology


Leveraging process analytical technology (PAT) advancements helps companies derive value by combining data from process and analytical instruments with advanced analytics

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Improving Liquid Tank Haul-Off Operations

— Processing Magazine

Devon Energy uses advanced analytics application software to optimize loading of oil and water into trucks from 1,200 tank batteries.

Process Technology

Selecting a process manufacturing analytics solution: five questions to ask

— Process Technology

The large gap between data and insight in process manufacturing will only start closing when data analytics vendors start putting the process engineer first.