BioPharm International

Technology Redefines Continuous Processing Efficiency

— BioPharm International

Used with perfusion, alternating tangential flow and tangential flow filtration are redefining upstream efficiency.

Chemical Engineering

Advanced Analytics: Accelerating Insights for Engineers

— Chemical Engineering

The surge in data volumes within the chemical process industries has made it difficult for engineers to find the insights they need to improve processes. Advanced analytics applications enable…

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Data analytics moves beyond Dilbert

— Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Why pharma manufacturers shouldn’t get stuck in a comic

Control Global

Software eating the world is coming to industrial automation

— Control Global

Commercial data storage and analysis systems are getting ready to win your business.

The IIoT Opportunity: Accelerating Insights with Advanced Analytics


The transition to Industry 4.0 is under way, the next stage of industrial automation maturity following decades of deploying SCADA and distributed control systems (DCSes). The next stage by any…

ISA Logo

Analytics next: Beyond spreadsheets


New approaches handle more data volume and perform predictive analytics

Water & Waste Digest

A Steady Stream of Insights

— Water & Waste Digest

In water and wastewater treatment plants and facilities, managers have a flood of data to inform their decisions. Supervisory control and data acquisition, distributed control and laboratory…

Chemical Processing

Maintenance Gets Smarter

— Chemical Processing

Plants increasingly are turning to machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to recognize precise patterns in sensor data. The technologies ease differentiating between normal and…

Hydrocarbon Processing

Drive IIoT success with advanced analytics

— Hydrocarbon Processing

Refineries, petrochemical and other process plants face similar challenges in daily operations, as each facility must mitigate risk, anticipate maintenance, optimize operations and minimize…

ARC Advisory Group

Merck Leverages Data and Analytics to Support New Continuous Drug Manufacturing Processes

— ARC Advisory Group

While moving from batch to continuous manufacturing may not be new in many other industries, it is in pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing. According to Laura Wareham, Senior Scientist,…