How Automation is Helping Industry Adapt to Today’s Workforce Reality

— Automation World

Though it represents one of the greater job skill challenges for new entrants, technology is increasingly viewed as a key attractor for the next-generation industrial workforce.

Why Remote Access is Popular in Continuous Processing

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Find out in this Take Five video why the use of remote access tends to be higher in the processing industries than in discrete manufacturing and where processing companies tend to use the technology most.

Analytics Overload: Why You’re Confused

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Analytics has had a rough go of it in the last couple of decades with marketing abuse and over-saturation of messaging, but a new generation of solutions will deliver on the promises and potential of innovation.

Is Dirty Data Better?

— Process Industry Informer

Excessive data cleansing is often performed automatically and can prevent insights from being uncovered, but advanced analytics software helps users dig into the dirt for better analytics.

Room for Improvement

— World Cement

Seeq's Emily Johnston describes how advanced analytics can be used to improve cement production (page 23).

Seeq Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Supporting Collaboration among Distributed Teams with Cloud-based Advanced Analytics

— PR Newswire: Cision

Seeq partners with cloud computing giants to deliver significant benefits to enterprises in the era of remote working.

A Cost-Effective Pathway To Predictive Analytics

— Chemical Online

Some chemical plant managers avoid the topic of predictive analytics because they believe data must be migrated to the cloud and that only data scientists can create data insights. However, this simply isn’t the case. With the proper tools and a live connection to the source data system, an existing workforce can generate advanced analytics and reap significant benefits.

Getting the Most Out of Digital Transformation


The right software and training empower employees to connect, grow, and pivot as necessary to improve personal and organizational productivity.

Improve Operational Excellence With Advanced Analytics

— Chemical Processing

Cloud-based software can optimize data analytics to deliver maximum value.

Why Remote Access is More Widely Used in the Process Industries

— Automation World

From dealing with core operating factors such as the hazardous and remote location of many assets to new consolidation and outsourcing trends, the process industries are leading the way with remote monitoring technology use.