A Digital Path to Improved Sustainability

— Manufacturing Leadership Council

The production of greenhouse gases, inefficient water and energy usage, and significant harmful emissions have earned the manufacturing industry a less-than-sterling reputation for its impact on the environment.

Value from data: The key to digitization success

— Pharma Manufacturing

The pharmaceutical industry is in the midst of an evolution, spurred by significant reductions in time-to-market requirements, most notably as demonstrated with COVID-19 vaccines.

The first rule of digital transformation

— Control Global

Digital transformation is enabled by technology, but many end users don’t see these initiatives as proprietary intellectual property, but as information to be shared among peers. This openness helps advance efforts throughout the process industries by creating a new feedback channel for organizations as they continue their digital transformation journeys.

Advanced analytics accelerates asset management

— Processing Magazine

Scaling complex analytics across production assets improves production and operations metrics.

2021 AFPM Summit Virtual Edition: Improve reliability and optimize maintenance with advanced analytics

— Hydrocarbon Processing

A common misconception in large-scale process manufacturing is that minimizing downtime is the key to increasing profitability. This mindset fails to address the fact that some downtime can improve capacity, increasing production and revenue. 

Modernizing the Process Optimization Toolset

— Chemical Engineering

Chemical manufacturers are using advanced analytics solutions to transform the way their employees solve data-intensive optimization problems.

Technology solutions powering the 4th Industrial Revolution

— Industrial Ethernet Book

Industry 4.0 has been a decade in the making but even now the technology is progressing at a rapid pace. This Industrial Ethernet Book special report on Industry 4.0 looks at the impact of cyber physical systems, data democratization and new solutions for connecting with smart manufacturing operations.

How to Apply Advanced Analytics for IIoT Implementations

— IEN Industrial Equipment News

In the process manufacturing world, a significant increase in IIoT implementations has expanded organizations’ accessibility to both operational and equipment data.

Scaling machine learning for the manufacturing masses

— Control Engineering

Enabling access to machine learning algorithms in easy-to-use advanced analytics applications accelerates insights in process data. A specialty chemical manufacturer used ML tools to predict over 90% of quality deviations and save more than $500,000 per year in quality downgrades.

2021 Engineering Leader Under 40: Allison Buenemann, 28

— Control Engineering

Allison is an integral part of the Seeq team both internally and externally. Her technical competence and deep domain knowledge of the chemical and petrochemical spaces have helped Seeq land new and grow existing business.