Process & Control

Eliminating guesswork in batch analysis

— Process & Control

Compared to time-consuming spreadsheet methods, advanced analytics offers a more effective approach to the analysis and reduction of batch cycle times, says Nick Gigliotti, analytics engineer…

Plant Engineering

Use IIoT to improve OEE, increasing ROI

— Plant Engineering

Articles a decade or two old describe how to calculate OEE or measure asset downtime. It’s been a foundation of Lean or Six Sigma methodologies for years. So, what has it to do with the Industrial…

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Open-Source Software Meets Industrial Automation

— Automation World

As more automation technology suppliers incorporate open-source tools, the ability to use open-source software in automation projects no longer depends on access to arcane software knowledge…

ABI Research

Top cloud Vendors Look to Partnerships to Grab Their Piece of the IoT Analytics Pie

— ABI Research

As cloud suppliers continue to grow their footprint in the IoT value chain, their investments in data and analytics services are accelerating.

LNS Research

Amazon AWS: Disrupting the Industrial Technology Ecosystem

— LNS Research

AWS demonstrates a clear leadership role among Silicon Valley disruptors. Although less visible to the public, AWS has also had tremendous success partnering with SaaS providers, including the…


Analytics for predictive, preventative maintenance


To address the increasing data volumes and close the gap from sensors and data to insights and actions, three key improvements will emerge over the next decade of analytics as the past three…

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Seeq Earns AWS Competency Status

— Automation World

Driven by the growing trend of industrial organizations’ use of the cloud for data analytics, Seeq obtains Amazon Web Services Industrial Software Competency and makes their advanced analytics…

Chemical Engineering

Pump Monitoring Meets the IIoT Article

— Chemical Engineering

Sepideh Rajaeirad, senior analytics engineer with Seeq, explains: “We have had all these data in the past, but the introduction of IIoT technologies, such as edge computing/cloud computing and…

Journal of Petroleum Technology

Digital Startups Raise Hundreds of Millions To Modernize Upstream Sector

— JPT - Journal of Petroleum Technology

Seattle-based Seeq received its second major injection of capital from several of its original investors. Large oil and gas producers have adopted Seeq’s data analytics software to monitor…

Journal of Petroleum Technology

Shale Producer Partners with Analytics Firm To Stop Overbilling and Fraud

— JPT - Journal of Petroleum Technology

For the past few years, Oklahoma City-based shale producer Devon Energy has been using a program developed by the analytics firm Seeq to ensure that liquid haul-off…