IIoT Optimizes Evaporative Cooling

September 12, 2017 – "Evaporative cooling systems reduce the cost of operating the high-capacity compressors used for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) in commercial and industrial buildings. By applying evaporative cooling to air drawn through condenser coils, HVAC-unit capacity increases while energy use decreases. Evaporative cooling reduces cost since a compressor needn't run fully loaded as much as would otherwise be the case.

Evaporcool's systems collect data to monitor a host compressor. The data is transmitted via internet to workstations running analytics software from Seeq. Evaporcool worked with Seeq to build an operational model that evaluates how cooling systems perform, applying heat-transfer and air-conditioning efficiency constants to the data.

The resulting "IIoT application" means managers monitor and measure the cooling system's performance via internet."


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