Creating Value from Data Assets

Sep 06, 2017 – "Designing the optimal data asset management and analytics approach for your organization is key for improving operations, compliance and safety

Data is a tremendous asset to be captured, analyzed and made readily available — but this can be easier said than done. These data assets are extremely valuable and should be fully leveraged, which requires “yes” answers to the following questions:

• Do we know where historical data assets are located?
• Do we know how to access data being generated by CMOs or other partners?
• Can we quickly respond to client and/or FDA queries?
• Are we effective at accessing and analyzing our data?
• Are we working collaboratively across sites and teams?
• Do scientists play a leadership role in driving the data strategy?
• Does our strategy support our scientific needs?

If you’re like many leaders, at least some of these questions keep you up at night. Odds are you routinely discuss options, and even toy with technologies to provide answers."


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