Water Online

Analytical Software Predicts Sewer System Blockages

— Water Online

Using historical data and Seeq analytical software, Nukon calculates when sewer blockages will occur up to 13 hours before occurrence, preventing spills. Often the first notification of a spill…

Power Magazine

Moving from Preventative to Predictive Maintenance with Advanced Analytics

— Power Magazine

Predictive maintenance is preferred over preventative maintenance for critical assets, but the correct application of advanced analytics is required to realized full value. Power plants of all…

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Dealing With Disparate Data

— Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

While the definition of quality is unique for every situation, the spirit of ensuring it is universal, as is the desire to ensure a safe and effective production process. Whether responsible for a…

ARC Advisory Group

Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Situational Awareness for Manufacturing Data

— ARC Advisory Group

Advanced analytics is a key innovation for digital transformation. Most companies want to find solutions to empower their employees to quickly find insights, rather than waste a lot of time…

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New Seeq Funding Underscores Industrial Analytics Interest

— Automation World

With a new round of funding from venture firms, including Siemens’ and Chevron’s, Seeq positions itself for new growth and expansion with existing accounts.…

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Insights from time-series data: Context required

— Smart Industry

Recently I wrote about the explosion of interest and innovation in time-series data storage offerings, including historians, open source and data-lake options, and cloud-based services. The…

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Web Technologies Change the Landscape for Visualization

— Automation World

Led in large part by consumer expectations carrying over to industrial settings, HMI, SCADA and other visualization tools are becoming more accessible from more places, with the data more…

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What’s next for big data in process manufacturing

— ISA.org

Big data stored in process historians for decades has often been underutilized—new advanced analytics simplify access to solutions by accelerating time to insight. According to the big data…


How Oil & Gas Operators Are Investing for Innovation

— Automation.com

The oil & gas (O&G) industry is under constant pressure due to fluctuating commodity prices, shifting regulatory policies,…

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Data Management Is Not the Problem

— Automation World

A conversation with Michael Risse of Seeq helps explain why the problem for many in industry is not in managing all their data, but in getting the insights out of the data to transform their…