Power Magazine

Digitization and Analytics in Power Plants

— Power Magazine

A key aspect of any digitization effort is providing easy access to data by engineers and other experts so they can perform advanced analytics to improve outcomes.

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Case Study: Analytical Software Predicts Sewer-System Blockages

— Smart Industry

Calculating sewer blockages 13 hours before they happen. Often the first notification of a spill comes from a member of the public, hours and sometimes days after the actual incident. Such late…

Oil & Gas Engineering

Basic steps to take when applying analytics processing

— Oil & Gas Engineering

Upstream oil & gas operations improved using data analytics. Reducing the break-even price of U.S. shale oil production requires the intelligent application of what Goldman Sachs refers to as…

Chemical Processing

Predictive Maintenance Efforts Boast Uneven Success

— Chemical Processing

Online polling conducted by CP late last year shed some light on the success of plants in achieving predictive maintenance. While more than a quarter of respondents said their…

Water Online

Analytical Software Predicts Sewer System Blockages

— Water Online

Using historical data and Seeq analytical software, Nukon calculates when sewer blockages will occur up to 13 hours before occurrence, preventing spills. Often the first notification of a spill…

Journal of Petroleum Technology

Seeq’s Focus on Time-Series Data Draws in Chevron, Shell, and Pioneer

— JPT - Journal of Petroleum Technology

Time-series data historians have been a staple of industrial computing for almost 30 years. Yet today, this flavor of database technology has become more important than ever and is considered to…

Process Technology

Leveraging process historian data: context required

— Process Technology

The critical step before process data can be transformed into information is adding context, a challenge unique to manufacturing datasets.

Over the years there has been a growing interest…

Power Magazine

Moving from Preventative to Predictive Maintenance with Advanced Analytics

— Power Magazine

Predictive maintenance is preferred over preventative maintenance for critical assets, but the correct application of advanced analytics is required to realized full value. Power plants of all…

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Dealing With Disparate Data

— Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

While the definition of quality is unique for every situation, the spirit of ensuring it is universal, as is the desire to ensure a safe and effective production process. Whether responsible for a…

ARC Advisory Group

Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning, and Situational Awareness for Manufacturing Data

— ARC Advisory Group

Advanced analytics is a key innovation for digital transformation. Most companies want to find solutions to empower their employees to quickly find insights, rather than waste a lot of time…