Pharma Manufacturing

Product Focus: Controlling the swarm

— Pharma Manufacturing

While instruments have been getting smaller and more dependable, computers are also getting faster and less expensive. With a typical PAT/QbD or a continuous manufacturing (CU) process, the amount…

Automation World Logo

Digital Maturity: A United View

— Automation World

Automation World survey results highlight the importance of corporate and plant floor alignment for digital transformation initiatives.

Chemical Engineering

Workforce 4.0: The Human Side of Digital Transformation

— Chemical Engineering

As chemical process industries (CPI) companies continue to experiment with, invest in, and implement a host of digitalization tools, workforce engagement and involvement is the key determinant…

Industrial Ethernet Book

Looking at the world of cloud vendors: industrial edition

— Industrial Ethernet Book

Automation vendors in the data storage business have enjoyed an advantage for years because their components, sensors and software applications generated the data. Now, software-led disruption is…

Control Engineering

Gaining insight from data

— Control Engineering

Big data is intertwined with analytics because it is the raw material used by analytics tools to extract value or insight. Big data has traditionally led analytics in the sense that data, in…

Control Engineering

Workloads in the cloud for industrial manufacturers

— Control Engineering

Cover story: Cloud adoption in industrial and manufacturing organizations is growing. See five use cases of how manufacturers use the cloud and the potential benefits.

BioPharm International

Technology Redefines Continuous Processing Efficiency

— BioPharm International

Used with perfusion, alternating tangential flow and tangential flow filtration are redefining upstream efficiency.

Chemical Engineering

Advanced Analytics: Accelerating Insights for Engineers

— Chemical Engineering

The surge in data volumes within the chemical process industries has made it difficult for engineers to find the insights they need to improve processes. Advanced analytics applications enable…

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Data analytics moves beyond Dilbert

— Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Why pharma manufacturers shouldn’t get stuck in a comic

Control Global

Software eating the world is coming to industrial automation

— Control Global

Commercial data storage and analysis systems are getting ready to win your business.