BioProcess International

Developing Process Control Strategies for Continuous Bioprocesses

— BioProcess International

Process control enables biomanufacturers to ensure that operating parameters are within defined specifications. A control strategy should be established during early stages of process development…

Control Global

Motiva moves analytics beyond Microsoft Excel

— Control Global

Just as input from humans can add context to data and allow better decisions, it can also enable analytics to diversify, and make itself useful in a greater variety of applications.

Powder & Bulk Solids

Solving Bulk Solids Problems with Advanced Analytics

— Powder & Bulk Solids

This article highlights pain points in common industry operations related to solids handling and identifies opportunities for the application of SME-driven advanced analytics to generate…

Oilfield Technology

Harnessing machine learning - part two

— Oilfield Technology

In the second part of this two-part article, Lisa J. Graham, Seeq Corp., provides use cases of machine learning in action in the oil and gas industry.

Oilfield Technology

Harnessing machine learning - part one

— Oilfield Technology

Machine learning (ML) is a powerful tool, but it requires extensive domain expertise for successful deployment, as Lisa J. Graham, Seeq Corp., explains in the first part of a two-part article.

Smart Industry Logo

Finding the silver lining in cloud analytics

— Smart Industry

The questions you ask to uncover your problems should inform your reliance on the cloud.

Using Online Transition Analysis to Predict Chromatography Column Failure


Advanced analytics and modeling can be used to predict downstream failures, allowing for corrective action before batches are lost.


The quest for the most magical algorithm


To create a dataset separate from its context is to create a disconnected perspective representing a static view of a constantly changing process. A smarter approach is ensuring the freedom to…

Aluminium International Today

The future of manufacturing

— Aluminum International Today

The aluminium industry continues to make significant strides throughout its supply chain to incorporate emerging digital technologies – including those under the Industry 4.0 and Industrial…

AFPM American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers

Advanced analytics drive IIoT success

— AFPM American Fuel & Petrochemical Manufacturers

Refineries must mitigate risk, anticipate maintenance, optimize operations and minimize operational expenses. To achieve these goals, plant personnel rely heavily on data to drive decisions.