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Analytics Overload: Why You’re Confused

— Automation World
Analytics has had a rough go in the last couple of decades, but a new generation of solutions will deliver on the promises and potential of innovation.
Process Industry Informer

Is Dirty Data Better?

— Process Industry Informer
Excessive data cleansing is often performed automatically and can prevent insights from being uncovered, but advanced analytics software helps users dig into the dirt for better analytics.
World Cement

Room for Improvement

— World Cement
Seeq's Emily Johnston describes how advanced analytics can be used to improve cement production.
PR Newswire: Cision

Seeq Lauded by Frost & Sullivan for Supporting Collaboration among Distributed Teams with Cloud-based Advanced Analytics

— PR Newswire: Cision
Seeq partners with cloud computing giants to deliver significant benefits to enterprises in era of remote working.
Chemical Online

A Cost-Effective Pathway To Predictive Analytics

— Chemical Online
Seeq increases the analytics sophistication of chemical workforces by moving them from a reactive posture to forward-looking predictive and prescriptive analytics.
Chemical Processing

Improve Operational Excellence With Advanced Analytics

— Chemical Processing
Cloud-based software can optimize data analytics to deliver maximum value.
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Why Remote Access is More Widely Used in the Process Industries

— Automation World
The process industries are leading the way with remote monitoring technology use. Here's why the effort ranks so much higher than in other manufacturing industries.
Chemical Engineering

Artificial Intelligence: Advancing Applications in the CPI

— Chemical Engineering
A convergence of digital technologies and data science means that industrial AI is gaining ground and producing results for CPI users

The Future of Lean: Advanced Analytics Breathe New Life into Aging Six Sigma Initiatives

For decades, Lean and Six Sigma projects have served the process industries well, but new tools are now needed to optimize outcomes. Here's how advanced analytics software is answering the call.
Hydrocarbon Engineering

Gaining insight into murky waters

— Hydrocarbon Engineering

Chemical reactors are one of the most flexible assets in a manufacturing plant. Changing reactor conditions, feed blend, recipe, or line-up can result in the same equipment producing vastly…