April 6, 2017 – "If you’ve been through the exercise of owning or implementing a data analytics or business intelligence project, you know looking at new technologies first is the wrong way to proceed. The failure rates on data analytics projects are very high, estimated at 70 to 80% by industry analysts.

Decisions on which technology to use often get most of the attention, but choosing Microsoft Azure instead of Amazon AWS doesn’t make or break a project. Neither does the flavor of MapReduce (CloudEra or HortonWorks) selected, or the specific sensor endpoint technology chosen.

What does matter is the people in organizations charged with implementing data analytics projects..."


New features for the industry-leading OSIsoft PI historian accelerate IIoT and process manufacturing visual data analytics.

San Francisco, March 21, 2017 – Presenting today at the OSIsoft Users Conference 2017, the world’s largest gathering of OSIsoft customers and partners, Seeq Corporation announced the imminent release of Seeq R17, which includes new features expanding support for the OSIsoft PI® System®.

New features for the industry-leading OSIsoft PI historian accelerate IIoT and process manufacturing visual data analytics.

San Francisco, March 21, 2017 – Today at the OSIsoft Users Conference 2017, Seeq Corporation announced the release of its latest version, Seeq R17. R17 is the 6th release of Seeq software in just the past 15 months, driven by input and use cases from customers expanding their use of Seeq. A key innovation in the new release is support for visual analytics on data in any time reference to provide improved correlation analysis of historical data sets, monitoring support of incoming data, and predictive analytics to anticipate future events and issues.

Presentations demonstrate how Seeq accelerates analytics on production data sets in the pharmaceutical and oil & gas industries.

San Francisco, March 16, 2017 – Seeq and Devon Energy, and then later with Bristol-Myers Squibb will present next week at the OSIsoft User Conference on the use of Seeq to improve production outcomes. Seeq is a visual data analytics application for engineers and scientists in IIoT and process manufacturing organizations. The presentations are typical of the experience Seeq customers are realizing in the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, mining, food and beverage, and other process industries.

March 10, 2017 – "If there was one company that was seemingly all over ARC, it was Seeq. Throughout the show, in addition to participation in several roundtables and workshops, the process analytics provider announced separate collaborations with major names in the industry, Honeywell, Inductive Automation and Schneider Electric."


February 20, 2017 – "Seeq has been getting a lot of attention these days because of their many use cases.  At the Forum last week, they announced new partnerships, including partnerships with Schneider Electric and Inductive Automation. They also announced another partnership with Honeywell this week. "



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