Applying advanced analytics to minimize emissions in the oil and gas sector

— Processing Magazine

By leveraging advanced analytics applications, refining and petrochemical companies are creating models to proactively decarbonize their operations, accelerating the clean energy transition.

Advanced Analytics Enhance Equipment Maintenance Programs

— IEN Industrial Equipment News

By combining retrospective analysis with predictive tools, process manufacturers are using advanced analytics applications to build models, project failures, determine optimal maintenance schedules and increase uptime.

Digitalization’s Influence on Maintenance Strategies


Leveraging algorithms and past performance, IIoT and analytics help determine schedules and increase uptime.

— Manufacturing Leadership Council

Profitability and sustainability may have once been at odds for process manufacturers, but now, the two are intertwined like never before.  

Streamlining Equipment Quality and Flexibility


Data analytics, modular equipment, digital tools, and risk-based validation improve speed, flexibility, and quality.

Effectively Manage Assets to Increase Uptime and Cut Maintenance Costs

— Power Magazine

Advanced analytics solutions empower utilities to predict asset failures before they happen so they can progress from reactive to proactive maintenance.

Advanced analytics at scale optimize asset management

— Processing Magazine

Process manufacturers are scaling advanced analytics across entire asset bases to enhance maintenance strategies and increase uptime.

Lubrizol uses cross-checking statistics process to find formerly hidden deviations

— Control Global

How a manufacturer of active and stabilizing ingredients is using data analytics to identify hidden deviations and address them at the time the deviation occurs, rather than at the end of a batch.

Maximising capacity availability with advanced analytics

— Hydrocarbon Engineering

With the right digitalisation tools in their arsenal – including advanced analytics solutions – organisations can leverage historical data to understand and provide insight into various failure modes, their impacts on production capacity availability, and the effects of different operating strategies. 

Industry 4.0 drives a sustainable future

— Process & Control

Data generated by Industry 4.0 and IIoT initiatives can be used to increase efficiency and improve sustainability.