Manufacturing Tomorrow

Scoring Big on Insight From Effective Data Cleansing and Contextualization

— Manufacturing Tomorrow

When it comes to time-series data, there is no shortage of options. Cloud-based, data-lake, open source, and historians are all readily available solutions for data storage, along with lower…

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Making Sense of the Industrial Analytics Market

— Automation World

As organizations continue to see the value in industrial analytics, making sense of the sheer amount of data produced can be a difficult task. Finding the right product and developing a proper…

Water & Waste Digest

Applying Advanced Analytics in the Water and Wastewater Sector

— Water & Waste Digest

How advanced analytics software can be used to create insights & improve process efficiency


Identifying new business models and technologies within SDG 9

— Valuer

This month, the SDG Forecast focuses on SDG 9: Industry, Innovation…

Hydrocarbon Processing

2020 AFPM Summit: Advanced analytics drive IIoT success

— Hydrocarbon Processing

As data provided by IIoT implementations continues to grow, corresponding demands on SMEs will only increase, driving the need for advanced analytics to find more insights faster.

Pharma Manufacturing

Pharma finds its digital groove

— Pharma Manufacturing

An upbeat outlook mixed with better technology puts transformation back on track.

Control Global

Improving operations with distributed work teams

— Control Global

Current remote work challenges are creating opportunities for the short and long term.

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Much Ado About Data Quality

— Automation World

Ensuring proper data quality for digital transformation initiatives lies in a two-pronged approach that emphasizes technology and human communication.

Process Worldwide

Decoding Data in the Pharma Sector with Advanced Analytics

— Process Worldwide

Pharmaceutical companies are steadily adopting advanced analytics to understand their huge data sets in order to make better business decisions with greater accuracy, efficiency and speed. PROCESS…

Hydrocarbon Processing

Avoid common data preparation mistakes to improve analytics results

— Hydrocarbon Processing

Time series data preparation in process manufacturing applications presents complex challenges, such as differences in data sampling rates, inconsistent or custom units, and the need to access…