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Predicting and Understanding Failure Modes

Abhi Hullatti of Duke Energy presentation at ARC Advisory Group's Driving Digital Transformation in Industry and Cities Forum, Orlando, Feb 5 2020. Watch this video to lear about the higher-level data solutions that have been introduced to the market that are designed for both IT and OT users. 


Application of Visual Data Analytics

Yugender Chikkula of Motiva Enterprises presentation at ARC Advisory Group's Driving Digital Transformation in Industry and Cities Forum, Orlando, Feb 6, 2020. Watch this video to see how different manufacturers from different industries are leveraging the information and data from a wide range of manufacturing technologies to optimize production.


Journey Deploying Data Analytics for Manufacturing Insights

Access to insights and the number of empowered engineers in the plant have grown exponentially as OSIsoft PI System data has become even more valuable. The video demonstrates the implementation of the OSIsoft PI System and Seeq in Lonza to deliver an advanced analytics solution in the organization.


Covestro Uses New Technologies to Do More with Their Data

Covestro recently launched a digitization initiative called ProDAVis, standing for Process Data Analysis and Visualization. This technology, used with an OSIsoft PI platform and Seeq, gives them the power of advanced analytics when it comes to process monitoring.


How TasWater Leverages Time-Series Data for Optimized Monitoring

In an effort to prevent sewer spills in Tasmania, TasWater sought out approaches to reduce the likelihood and impact of these events occurring in the future. One of the approaches investigated was to leverage live and historical data to provide an online monitoring tool to detect these events ahead of current detection methods.


Deploying Asset Availability and Product Utilization Metrics at Abbott Nutrition

In this presentation, Abbott Nutrition explains how they created asset availability and product utilization metrics and deployed these metrics throughout their organization. These new calculations were made possible through advanced data contextualization.


Leveraging Data Analytics to Support Merck’s Journey in Continuous Manufacturing

Pharmaceutical organizations can capture and analyze the data they need to develop tangible solutions and a clear direction in all phases of product development. Through the effective analysis enabled by utilizing Seeq with PI, Merck increased their knowledge of the process and product leading to high quality and robust development and control strategies.



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Devon Energy uses Real-time Data and Advanced Analytics to Make Better Decisions

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Improving Manufacturing at Abbott Nutrition

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Wind Farm operator Investigates Time-Series Data to Help Monetize Curtailed Generation

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Merck Leverages Data & Analytics to Support New Continuous Drug Manufacturing Processes

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New Data Tools Help Increase Efficiencies at Bristol-Myers Squibb - Part 1

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Bristol-Myers Squibb Improves Chromatography & Batch Comparisons Using Data & Analytics - Part 2

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Leveraging IIoT Technologies to Reduce Valve-Related Unplanned Downtime

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Industrial IoT-Enabled Remote Monitoring Improves OEM Service Performance

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Optimizing System Performance for Solar Operators at DEPCOM Power

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Remote Monitoring of Blowout Preventers Improves Operations

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