Seeq Will Redefine User Expectations for Extracting Value from Process Data

Written by Michael Risse on March 24, 2016

We have a special offer to announce, and will expand more on that in a minute. Meanwhile, as context…

It’s easy to think of fall as the traditional time for industrial automation vendor user conferences – Rockwell’s Automation Fair, Schneider Electric's Wonderware User Group, and Emerson’s Global Users Exchange come to mind – but spring is also not without its wealth of opportunities to convene.

For one, there's Hannover Masse, the largest automation-focused conference in the world. And next week (March 30-31) is the Siemens’ Oil and Gas XHQ North America User Conference in Houston, Texas. And then the week following (April 4-8) is the OSIsoft Users Conference in San Francisco, California. Seeq will be attending both of these, presenting on Seeq integration with Siemens XHQ at the former, and a bronze sponsor and exhibitor at the latter.

We are excited to participate in these events to demonstrate Seeq functionality and meet with customers on our efforts. Since the first commercial release of Seeq (R11) last October at Emerson Exchange (and R12 in January) we have been on an exhilarating roll of customer engagement and feedback that has led to R13, our newest release that is coming in the next few weeks.

For our customers, R13 is a breakthrough, a revelation, as intractable problems they have considered “too hard to solve” in process manufacturing analytics are resolved by Seeq in hours if not minutes. Seeq R13 is a product that will transform the industry, a feeling you might remember from the first time you used a web browser, or got the results from a Google search, or downloaded an iPhone app or (depending on your age…) your first use of Visual Basic or Lotus 123. Seeq R13 is like that: empowering and redefining the user experience where previous expectations are left in the dust.

Those are huge words, audacious claims, marketing hyperbole, even. And yet we stand behind them as we’ve seen the impact of Seeq in the process analytics insights of our customers. To watch a week of manual grinding through Excel be replace by mere minutes of interactive work in Seeq is an amazing thing. Best of all, Seeq is an application. So it's empowering exactly the right people: the engineers with asset, process, and operations expertise can use it to improve their production results.

We are so confident that Seeq will redefine user expectations for extracting value from process data, that we are offering a special user conference promotion for customers attending the upcoming Siemens and OSIsoft events. And for those of you who happen to read this blog post. 

We are bundling:

- Seeq Software: a one year subscription to Seeq Workbench for 5 users
- Seeq Server: to enable collaboration and availability across a workgroup
- Seeq Support: 1 month of Application Engineer support for deployment, training, and use-case services

With Seeq's standard pricing that would be $25k, but for our Conference Special we will offer this as a Starter Kit for $10k. This will be a huge win for anyone that can take advantage of Seeq with guidance and training on product usage.

This offer is for customers attending these next two user conferences (and those of you reading this) to get a fast start working with the next generation of process data analytics tools. Our Seeq Starter Kit enables rapid deployment, training, and insights with Seeq for a workgroup or team. We look forward to seeing you in Houston or San Francisco. Not attending? Request a trial download and mention this post.

Seeq R13. There is nothing like it, and nothing won’t be like it in the future.