Seeq R15 Delivers Easier to Use Search, Customized Trending Views, Date Manipulations, and Asset Comparisons

Written by Michael Risse on October 17, 2016

We have a break between the recent wave of fall user conferences, and another one that starts in two weeks, so I will use this opportunity to share some of the momentum and progress we are seeing in customer engagement, software, and recognition for our efforts. Let’s begin with recognition...

We post pointers to the articles where Seeq is mentioned in our News section of the web site. I am sharing the links below because they demonstrate the credibility that Seeq is earning with the most important publications in the automation industry. They are all worth a look, and there are more articles on Seeq coming soon in pharmaceutical, oil & gas, and other vertical market journal:

In terms of the fall user conferences, there are really two stories to tell. First, there is the excellent feedback and enthusiasm from our discussion with engineers who have been seeking a solution to replacing spreadsheets for writing production reports, operations investigations, monitoring assets, and basic data cleansing and aggregation tasks. The reaction when they see Seeq is very positive, as one process engineer exclaimed, “Where have you been all my life?” That’s what we like to hear; it’s great support for our current product offering and for the roadmap of improvements we have planned.

The second part of the story is the many events we are attending. Seeq is a sponsor of OSIsoft regional events in the United States and the OSIsoft European User Conference, where Abbott Nutrition presented a use case featuring Seeq called “Productivity and Quality Improvements Through Continuous Contextualization of PI.” Other recent events: the Smart Industry Conference, the Yokogawa User Conference, the Inductive Automation User Conference and BioProcess International. That’s busy! Upcoming events will have Seeq representatives in The Hague for Honeywell’s European HUG meeting, the Emerson Exchange user conference in Austin, Texas, and additional OSIsoft regional events in Houston, Calgary, and New York City.

Seeq Exhibit at BioProcess International
Brian Crandall, Teresa Dixon, Brian Parsonnet, and Lisa Graham exhibit at BioProcess International

The reason we can be so many places is that, as part of our new R15 release, Seeq now supports Honeywell PHD, Wonderware Historian, Yokogawa Exaquantum Historian, and GE Proficy Historian. This adds to existing support for the OSIsoft PI System, Emerson Automation Solutions DeltaV Continuous Historian, and Inductive Automation’s Ignition system.

Which brings us to R15, the just released and newest version of SeeqR15 accelerates all aspects of the user and organization experience with Seeq, enabling broader adoption of current deployments in the oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, and food and beverage industries.

Seeq R15 delivers features and capabilities addressing the span of requirements for larger and broader deployments for existing users, as well as making Seeq easier to deploy for new users. These features include:

Easier for new users: As deployments expand, Seeq R15 delivers easier to use search, customized trending views, date manipulations, and asset comparisons.

New Functions and Arithmetic Operators: Seeq R15 end-user improvements include data cleansing and regression functions for modeling multi-variate analysis, as well as improved variable and operator functionality for process calculations.

Relational Database Integration: Seeq R15 simplifies integration with relational database offerings such as Microsoft SQL Server and its open-source alternative MySQL, as well as CSV file formats, to create batch and state context from manufacturing applications.

Data Wrangling: Seeq replaces the hours of manual effort required to aggregate, cleanse, and contextualize data in spreadsheets. R15 also has improved support for data export via OData interface for reporting and dashboards.

Enterprise Scalability: Seeq R15 now supports multi-node deployments for high availability deployments in distributed enterprise environments.

If you are keeping track, R15 is the 4th release of Seeq software delivered in 2016, and is available to subscribers. For more information, contact Seeq, we have training materials available specific to the new features. And yes, we plan to keep up this pace of innovation and software delivery going forward, so keep the comments and suggestions coming.

Finally, with new users, partnerships, and markets it’s become increasingly important to help customers quickly learn more about Seeq and its features and capabilities. Therefore Seeq has created a new playlist on our YouTube channel called “Seeq University. This set of videos demonstrates the capabilities of Seeq features across all aspects of the product including search, trending, data-search, formulas, and more. As of today there are 11 videos available and there are several more in production including using Scatterplot, SQL Server integration, and importing CSV data. We suggest you watch them in order (they are numbered) as later videos build on concepts and materials in the earlier videos. These can also be watched on the Videos page of our web site

If you are attending one of the upcoming events we look forward to seeing you and your feedback. Otherwise please take advantage of the Seeq University videos and contact us for questions and feedback. And now, back to it…