Seeq Exhibits at the Honeywell User Group (HUG) Meeting, Partners with Honeywell

Seeq’s Presence at Hug Is in Partnership with Honeywell’s Advance Solutions Group

June 20, 2016

This week Seeq is participating in the Honeywell User Group (HUG) meeting. HUG is the annual gathering of Honeywell customers, partners, and employees; this year the North American HUG is in San Antonio, Texas, and the European HUG will be in The Hague, Netherlands next October.

Seeq’s presence at HUG is in partnership with Honeywell’s Advance Solutions group, part of Honeywell Process Solutions, which is responsible for developing the Uniformance® Suite of process applications. The Uniformance Suite includes Uniformance PHD, Insight, Asset Sentinel, and KPI. Seeq will be participating in a number of presentations at HUG, including keynotes, technical sessions, and in demonstrations in the HUG Knowledge Center. HUG will be an excellent opportunity for customers in oil & gas, refining, chemicals, mining, and other vertical process industries to learn about Seeq and Uniformance products working together to improve production outcomes.

For example, in the keynote presentation this morning Honeywell CTO Bruce Calder demonstrated Seeq Workbench integration with Uniformance Insight and Asset Sentinel, Honeywell’s visualization and data analytics platform. The demonstration showed Seeq being used to investigate and analyze process manufacturing data in a production scenario. Bruce also shared his enthusiasm for partnering with Seeq to connect to customer data stored in Honeywell’s cloud historians as well as existing on-premises Uniformance PHD installations. The benefits of Seeq’s rapid time to insight and intuitive application experience for data investigation were made clear in the demonstration.

Below: the graphic used to illustrate the keynote scenario, with Seeq enabling the visual data exploration that the engineer uses to investigate a performance issue (Step 3).

Technical sessions and demonstrations in the HUG Knowledge Center will also show Seeq integration with Uniformance PHD for simplified data access and visual data exploration. Another example presented will be Seeq integration with Uniformance Asset Sentinel, which enables exploration of data relationships, and then how to easily convert the results of those explorations into on-line monitoring algorithms to predict and detect the conditions in the future.

Seeq representatives will be demonstrating the new release of Seeq, R13, on data residing in Honeywell’s Uniformance PHD systems. If you don’t know already, Seeq is an intuitive application for engineers in process manufacturing plants to investigate and analyze asset, operations, and plant performance using data from Uniformance PHD, OSIsoft PI, HART devices, and other sources. As Seeq CTO Brian Parsonnet noted in preparation for the event this week, “It is exciting to work with Honeywell to enable Seeq integration with Uniformance Suite applications and enable digital transformation opportunities for our customers.”

Finally, attending HUG means an opportunity to connect with industry press and analysts, including ARC’s Mark San Gupta and Craig Resnick, and LNS’s Jason Kasper. We will make sure to link to their notes from HUG and any press reports as soon as we see them. Janice Abel of ARC will be missed, but we appreciate her enthusiasm for the Seeq and Honeywell partnership to enable new data investigation capabilities for customers.

We are looking forward to a great week at HUG, and we hope if you are attending this week you will stop by our booth to say hello!