Achieve Next Generation Scalability with Seeq SaaS

At Seeq, we strive to continuously improve our products as our customers grow their usage and the value they achieve with Seeq. Today, Seeq is an indispensable solution used by thousands of users daily. Our product team has been hard at work innovating for the future when Seeq users will demand more.

More insights, more analyses, more reports, more ML projects, more collaboration with teammates, and definitely more data accessed in Seeq each day.

To achieve the next generation of scalability, we are changing Seeq Cortex, the services that power Seeq, from a single server architecture to one that scales horizontally.

Cloud-Native Vision

Horizontal scalability is driving us to fully embrace cloud technologies – to go cloud-native. In early 2023, Seeq Cortex, when deployed as SaaS, will be able to scale performance and compute capacity to manage fluctuations in users and data volume capacity using dynamic resourcing. We refer to this capability as “Elastic Cortex”.


Figure 1. Seeq Cortex are the services that power Seeq

Our vision is to provide the thousands of users of Seeq with the same experience as the first user. Seeq should always be responsive, easy to use, and generate increased business value as usage grows.

Cloud native also supports our customers that have employees and data sources all over the world. Users will interact with each other across continents taking advantage of the collaboration and knowledge-sharing features in Workbench, Organizer, and Data Lab.

SaaS is the preferred deployment model

To take advantage of the scalability enhancements of Elastic Cortex, Seeq SaaS will be required. Seeq has offered a SaaS deployment option since 2018. Today, about half of our customers have chosen SaaS and we migrate one to two customers from on-premises to SaaS every week because SaaS is the best experience, best value, and best support for Seeq.

  • Best Experience: best performance, reliability, security, and data protection
  • Best Value: avoid the cost of servers or cloud hosting, plus internal IT resources to manage Seeq
  • Best Support: dedicated Seeq DevOps team, proactive service monitoring, global SaaS support

More information on the benefits of Seeq SaaS can be found on our blog here.

allnex’s journey from on-premises to SaaS

allnex, a global producer of industrial coatings and resins for the architectural, industrial, and automotive industries, shared their SaaS migration story during a recent Seeq webinar. allnex had Seeq deployed on-premises connected to their process data historians at sites all over the world. The team was looking to increase Seeq’s performance to better support their growing number of global users and to reduce the IT administration to maintain the Seeq server, backups, and updates. They evaluated Seeq SaaS in the areas of network architecture, security, and cost. After making the switch, they reported improvements in performance, reliability, greater flexibility in regard to scalability, and users with easier access to Seeq working from anywhere.

Seeq is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant

Like allnex, all manufacturers are concerned about security and data protection. Seeq understands that our customers’ data is one of their most critical assets; therefore, Seeq has developed a robust set of security controls, policies, and processes to protect that data on Seeq SaaS. To ensure that our controls comply with the latest industry and government security standards, Seeq periodically undergoes a SOC 2 assessment by a third-party auditor. In 2020, we achieved SOC 2 Type I certification, which assessed Seeq’s controls at a single point in time. In 2021, we achieved SOC 2 Type II certification, which assessed our controls over several months. Seeq will undergo a SOC 2 Type II assessment yearly to ensure that we are continuously compliant.

The Path Forward

This spring, we are announcing several product updates that support this transition to cloud-native.

To learn more: 

  • Visit the User Resources area of our Support Portal – we will continue to update this page with SaaS product announcements and information 
  • To learn more about cloud-native, read our knowledge base article “Seeq SaaS as the primary deployment model”
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  • Our SaaS team will be attending Seeq Office Hours the week of April 11, 2022. To sign up for Office Hours that week, click here.