Accelerating Game Changing Oil & Gas Technologies

Written by Steve Sliwa on March 14, 2016

I was very pleased that Seeq was selected from over 400 nominees as an Energy Innovation Pioneer by IHS. Each year IHS chooses Energy Innovation Pioneers that their selection panel believes are companies and entrepreneurs that are developing technologies and business plans that are transforming the energy future. IHS selects companies based on their creativity, feasibility of plan, scalability of technology, and leadership team.

Maybe more interesting is that an analyst at IHS told me that each of their 4 energy sectors nominates potential pioneers to their selection panel, and Seeq was uniquely nominated by all four sectors. Apparently each sector representative had heard about Seeq and were optimistic about our ability to disrupt practices and help the industry center improve their data-driven decisions.

For those of you not in the Oil and Gas world, IHS is a leading analyst firm in a variety of sectors. It generally offers industry data and analyses, technical documents, customer software applications, and consulting services & industry expertise. Cambridge Energy Research Associates (CERA), a subsidiary, has been hosting CERAWeek which brings together leaders from across the energy and financial sectors. This year’s conference included the US Secretary of Energy, EPA Administrator, OPEC Minister, and many other senior leaders.

As part of the Energy Innovation Pioneer program I participated on a panel with other Pioneers called “Accelerating Game Changing Oil & Gas Technologies to Manage an Industry in Transition.” In the panel we discussed how start-ups can help increase agility, cost effectiveness, and increased risk tolerance that escapes the large companies in this area.


Steve Sliwa at IHS CERAWeek


IHS also did an effective job of connecting us with leaders of other companies so that they could learn more about Seeq. During one of my sessions I was asked questions about go to market strategies, plans for incorporating new data sources, and tactics for increasing velocity. One executive was surprised at the cost savings that were being identified during trials with our product.

In general, I was encouraged both by the connections and the dialog. Although the energy industry is definitely in transition given the price drop in petrochemicals and the increased challenge of climate change initiatives, clearly solutions like Seeq have the promise to be transformative. It was a great week and we appreciate the recognition provided to us by IHS and the experience at CERAweek.