OSIsoft Users Conference Roundup

30 March 2017

by Michael Risse

It was another great OSIsoft Users Conference in San Francisco last week. The OSIsoft Users Conference is the world’s largest gathering of OSIsoft customers and partners, and I believe this year was in fact the biggest ever based on the number of attendees. Very busy, very big, and an important opportunity for Seeq customers.

And on the subject of customers, we were very pleased to have two of them presenting on their use of Seeq, including:

Bristol-Myers Squibb: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Improvement through Leverage of PI Data and Analytical Tools

Bristol-Myers Squibb is an OSIsoft EA customer with many years of stored data associated with process development, and clinical and commercial manufacture of pharmaceuticals. This data is stored in multiple PI Systems as well as other systems, but we are challenged to find the data of interest to analyze specific process conditions, events, and time periods. This is of particular importance for comparison of batch differences during process development and scale-up campaigns. It’s also important for investigation of issues such as quality and yield in clinical and commercial manufacturing. We will present a case study showing how we use Seeq to find data of interest to improve our process development campaigns and manufacturing operations to drive key business outcomes.

Devon Energy/Seeq Corporation: Oil Field Tank Haul-off Improvement Through Integration of Advanced Analytics with the PI System

Remote assets often don’t have sufficient points of measurement, and important performance or compliance metrics are thus not available for analytics. However, it’s possible to derive these metrics using advanced analytics on available data. We will present the use of advanced analytics, from OSIsoft partner Seeq Corporation, to calculate oil flows into a tank battery and detect oil-haul events. This derived data from existing points of measurement is used to improve oil-haul truck dispatches, and to cross-check reported haul events with calculated haul events.

If you missed the show, the Bristol-Myers Squibb presentation is available here on the OSisoft web site, and a presentation last fall by Abbott Nutrition at the OSIsoft European Users conference is here. The Devon Energy use case won’t be made public, but we are working with the OSIsoft team on a webinar to share insights on that use case (truck haul-off analytics).

In addition to the customer presentations, the OSIsoft UC was an opportunity to meet with customers and, as you can see from the picture below, this was a crowded affair. Shamus, in the center, is one of the Seeq Analytics Engineers at the center of our customer engagement efforts, helping users with Seeq installation, data connectivity, training and use cases. They had a very busy week, I am sure they all went home with sore throats!


The final thought on OSIsoft is what an important partner they are to Seeq, and how far we have come in providing advanced integration capabilities for OSIsoft PI. In the year since the introduction of Seeq to OSIsoft customers at last year’s UC, we’ve delivered on all of the feature requests we’ve received for OSIsoft PI integration, including: 

Deployment Flexibility: Seeq can connect to PI Systems deployed in any configuration: a single enterprise historian, distributed PI Systems located across many different locations, and in L2 or L3 networks. Connections can be on premise, or with PI running on a cloud platform such as Microsoft Azure.

Discovery and Installation: Seeq automatically detects the presence of PI System credentials and creates a connection for rapid indexing of all tags and sensors in just minutes. Once indexed, any PI System tag or sensor may be searched with Google-like speed and flexibility from within Seeq. 

OSIsoft Vision (formerly OSIsoft Coresight): Seeq has added integration for OSIsoft Vision in Seeq R17, which enables analytics and views created in Seeq to be published to users in OSIsoft Vision dashboards and display panels.

Asset Framework: OSIsoft customers can bring their investment in Asset Framework forward with Seeq’s integrated asset visualization tools, including the ability to create “asset relative” displays so calculations on one asset may be applied to another set of assets.

Event Frames and PI Batch: OSIsoft customers can leverage their investment in Event Frames data in Seeq Workbench to leverage the context information captured in their PI System, and Seeq also supports legacy PI Batch investments for analytics and investigation.

PI Notifications Integration: Seeq can be configured to support integration with PI Notifications and write data back to PI Systems, enabling other users to take advantage of regression analysis, predictive analytics, and other calculations created in Seeq and stored with the source data sets.

Microsoft Partnership: Like OSIsoft, Seeq is a Microsoft partner. Seeq runs on Windows Server, supports Active Directory for user management, connectivity to Microsoft SQL Server, and has integration with Microsoft Excel and the Azure Cortana Intelligence Suite for visualization and reporting.

The combination of these Seeq and OSIsoft working together is enabling our shared customers to get the best of a world class data management platform combined with rapid, interactive visual data analytics on collected data. It has been a great collaboration effort and we are looking forward to future work together.

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